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How can we help you?

AC Repair

Reliable comfort is an important aspect of your home. When you find yourself in need of reliable AC repair, ensure you call a reputable company, with well trained, certified HVAC technicians possessing industry expertise. Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning can provide the professional solutions and expertise you require.

Our experienced technicians will promptly have your air conditioner working again. The following are a few of our services for AC repair:

  • AC Unit Cleaning
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Installations
  • Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System Upgrades
  • Motor and Evaporator Coil Repairs and Replacements
  • Repair of Refrigerant Leaks and Other General Repairs

Common Problems

A problem with any single components can result in cooling issues and the need for AC repair, including:

A refrigerant leak is a common cause of the AC blowing warm air. Each unit requires a specific level of refrigerant for the optimal heat exchange, and when the level is low, serious issues occur in the air conditioner.

The signs of low refrigerant can include not only the AC blowing warm air, but also frost and/or ice along the coil and refrigerant lines. In addition, low refrigerant can result in damage to the system, possibly requiring a new AC installation. Low coolant can result in overheating and burnout of the compressor. Typically, when the compressor goes out, a new system is installed.

A Frozen Evaporator Coil can be due to several different issues. Do not attempt to operate the system until the coil has thawed to avoid damage to the compressor. Common causes include the following:

  • A dirty air filter can restrict the air flow. Change the filter as recommended by the manufacturer, and only use the recommended filter.
  • Cleaning a dirty evaporator coil when required is a part of professional maintenance of the system. Scheduling annual maintenance enables the technician to clean the coil when required, and provides an efficient coil for proper performance.
  • A blocked air return grill can be due to furniture or other objects in front of the grill impairing proper airflow. Maintain free space around the air return.
  • The failure of the blower motor will cause the evaporator coil to freeze.
  • Low refrigerant: A low charge or refrigerant leak can result in a frozen evaporator coil.

Other Common AC problems

To prevent a blocked condenser, keep grass and weeds trimmed . The condenser requires ample air flow and plant growth or any other object closer than 3 feet can impair its air flow to the condenser resulting in damage.

Ducts with air leaks can occur when seals fail or joints separate. An annual inspection of ducts will ensure the ductwork is in proper condition. Check for broken seals or loose tape on duct joints, and reseal if necessary, or contact us for professional services.

Contact Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning for skilled AC repair, installation or maintenance of your air conditioning system. We offer emergency services 24 hours a day, and seven days a week for your comfort and convenience.