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4 Scams to Avoid When Hiring a Heating and AC Repair in Hartselle Area

There are many services out there that scam you into spending extra money on small repairs. The scams are not limited to this; they involve installing faulty and low quality parts, “free tune ups” disguised as a way of extracting more money and advance payment.

However, when our conditioning system dies in the summer or our furnace stops working in the chilly winter night, we feel happy when our local repairman arrives. What you do not know that these amateur repairmen are working on their own and will scam you into paying more money than the repair calls for.

At a time like this, professionals of heating and AC repair in Hartselle area warn us about a few scams that we should avoid. Not all AC or furnace problems require a repairman. There are some minor repairs that we can do on our own and save money

Following are four scams that you should look out for and instead, call for a professional in heating and AC repair in Hartselle area:

Scam #1

Parts That Do Not Need Replacing

Most people do not stand by the repairman’s side when he is fixing the system. This is the first thing you are doing wrong. This gives him the window to do a temporary fix that will work for two days and after that, you will be facing the same problem.

One of the most common parts in an AC and a furnace is the filter. This thin part can stop your AC and furnace from giving adequate cold air or heat. The price of a filter whether it is for an AC or a furnace ranges from $25 to $125. This is one of the parts that people get scammed for.

The red flag in this scam can be spotted when the repairman says he fixed the system with the new parts but does not have the old parts with him. It might be that he tweaked the old parts a little here and there and is asking money for installing new parts. Ask him to show you the old parts and if he makes some excuses for it, do not pay him and call a professional in heating and AC repair in Hartselle area instead.

Scam #2

Claiming Your AC Needs To Be Charged With Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a room temperature gas that helps in blowing in cold air through the vents. This is one of the most important parts of the AC. An AC low on refrigerant will freeze the unit’s coils, which is one of the reasons why an AC stops working.

An AC needs to be charged only when a leak occurs in the ducts. A repair man might try to scam you into purchasing a refrigerant from them saying that your ducts are leaking and this is the solution. Though the solution partially lies in this but a professional repairman in heating and AC repair in Hartselle area, will tell you first about the repair that needs to be done on the ducts. They should be packed and insulated so that the tear does not occur again. Without this, the refrigerant will simply leak again and you will be forced to call the repairman again.

Scam #3

The Problem Lies In the Dirty Flame Sensor

When it comes to a furnace, there are many parts that can malfunction. However, where repairing an AC on your own is not that difficult or dangerous; a furnace requires a professional repairman who knows heating and AC repair in Hartselle area.

Your furnace lights up and then immediately the flame go out. This can be caused due to two reasons: Either the pilot light is not igniting fully or the flame sensor has dirt on it.

The repairman will scam you by saying that the reason behind this was a dirty flame sensor when in fact, it was a problem with the pilot light. In this scenario, you need to be present by the repairman’s side so that you can see what he is doing. A professional repairman in heating and AC repair in Hartselle area will not just adjust the pilot light, he will also clean the flame rod so that the sensor picks the fire from the burners and keeps the furnace aflame.

Scam #4

Pushy and Scary Tactics Forcing You to Do Extra Repairs

Another scam to get more money out of your pocket is pushy tactics, which repairman use to scare you into agreeing to more repairs. Say, your AC is not working because your thermostat was set on low. Even after fixing the thermostat, they will force you into buying a new thermostat saying that this is an old piece and will malfunction tomorrow. The same can be said for the furnace’s burners, which are the most important thing for igniting the fire.

Before agreeing to their scam, which you might not know at that time, get a second opinion from a professional heating and AC repair in Hartselle area. No two repairmen are the same. However, a professional repairman will show the problem first and then will let you decide whether you want the repair or not.

Heating and AC repair in Hartselle area is quite common but the trick to avoiding these scams is following the above advice. If a repairman asks for advance cash up-front, refuse to pay him until he performs the repair. In cases such as these, repairmen do a poor job and expect to be paid in full. You do not realize the problems of their hasty job until the next day, when your AC or furnace fails to start again. Even if they ask for a small advance saying that they need to buy the spare parts, refuse because chances are they are going to buy those parts from a junkyard. Most professionals of heating and AC repair in Hartselle area recommend that a person should always agree to such costly repairs after getting two opinions.