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Choosing A Reliable Heating And Air Condition Service In Athens

Are you looking for good company to fit your needs of heating and ac in Athens, AL? Do you want to get the right choice for heating and ac in Athens with savings in energy and costs? If so, you are in luck! This article discusses the elements of what makes for a good quality HVAC/ heating equipment or air conditioner installation in Athens. Some tips on selecting the right heating and air condition service in Athens are also covered in the article.

How to hire a good heating and air conditioning service in Athens

  1. Do your own research: before beginning any search for a good company offering you heating and air condition service in Athens, find out about your current HVAC model and its maintenance history. Know which rooms in your house are most uncomfortable when it comes to heating and cooling. Find out about the license and insurance criteria for a heating and air condition services in Athens. Then call up the contractors so you are well aware of the issues you are facing and can explain it to the company representatives better.
  2. Ask around for and call up referrals: Ask your friends, co-workers and neighbors for people who have recently got their HVAC systems for their home or office repaired or upgraded by the companies that you have in mind. Look up local trade organizations for the same. Next call them up and find out, in detail, about the service and the technicians’ performance, and whether the task was completed within the budget and on time.
  3. Check for reliable deals: It’s a costly venture to upgrade or repair your HVAC system, so be sure to go and find out about efficient products on the market and for discounts on reliable products. Don’t always go for the cheaper deal. Equipment that is compliant with government standards of environmental protection is a much safer choice. You can find some energy efficient products online. You just have to look hard enough.
  4. Get Quotes and itemized estimates in writing: Know exactly what your predicted expenses will be. Get written quotes about their labor, equipment and installation charges from the companies that you have in mind and then compare energy efficiency, costs for savings and warranties. A cheaper deal may cost you more in the long term in terms of higher utility bills.
  5. Home evaluations by your chosen heating and air conditioning service in Athens: This is the mark of a good company because it means that they are thorough in their work. Certified technicians should come and properly inspect your home and current HVAC system, if you already have one. It will help them better assess what your needs are. The technicians will then inspect your ducts for leakages and airflow problems, repair or replace ducts as needed before finally testing the airflow, for knowing which equipment would be a perfect fit for the system.

How to get good quality HVAC/heating or air conditioner installation in Athens

  1. Sealing Leaks in Ducts: Good companies often inspect and evaluate the duct system in your home for leaks and seal those leaks with an aerosol-based sealant, metallic or mastic black tape. They will also tell you if you need new ducts for the system if the old ones are too worn out.
  2. Refrigerant Levels: If these are too high or low, they can reduce the efficiency of the equipment by 5-20%, the useful life of the equipment also reduces. In extreme cases, they can also fail altogether which leads to costly repairs. Reliable and trusted air condition service in Athens will verify the correct level of refrigerants in the system.
  3. Bigger is not always better: Most people with heating and ac in Athens are of the view that if they get a bigger HVAC system, then they will get the best comfort and performance possible. This is not always the case, an ac with a larger tonnage and size or a larger heater will put unnecessary stress on the whole system, which may lead to shortening its useful life. Not to mention the unnecessary bill that you will rake up in the process. Thankfully, many companies offering air conditioner installation in Athens, AL, will help you to figure out which size equipment is best suited for your home. Make sure you get the appropriate size of heating and cooling equipment and get it installed properly.
  4. Airflow and asking the right questions: Bad airflow can lead to discomfort, despite you getting higher utility bills. Certified company technicians that are experienced and from good companies will test airflow and adjust it for better performance. You should ask the Technicians involved in air conditioner installation in Athens, the right questions about airflow, after doing some research by yourself. The more educated you are the better you will be aware of the situation.
  5. The Company you hire should have a thorough checklist as a reference of quality equipment installation in Athens: A typical checklist includes pointers such as providing enough room for equipment maintenance and service, installing and setting up a programmable thermostat, show the customer hoe to change air filters, testing and verifying heat of airflow (for furnace or heat pumps). If there is a heating furnace or boiler to be installed, the technician should test it to see how smoothly it is running and if the flue residual gases are ventilating through proper channel, inspecting the pipes for leakages and repairing or replacing as necessary. The technician should install proper coiling that is compatible with the equipment to avoid any malfunctions that may occur. Good technicians also make sure the refrigerant charge is within limits of the equipment. They should also place all outside equipment in adequate cover, away from heat, moisture, snow or vegetation, as recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment and also advise the customer on what and how to protect the equipment from any damage.


Hopefully, this article has enlightened you to be more vigilant in selecting your contractors for HVAC needs. If you have done your HVAC needs research and are ready to contact a reliable company for your needs, click here to get started.