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Look for these Tell Tale Signs if you suspect that your AC is failing

Do you think there’s something wrong with your AC? Is it just your imagination or is something actually wrong? Either way, keeping your HVAC equipment running in good condition is necessary for your comfort. It can be a real nuisance when you turn on the AC and what you get is anything but cold air. No one likes to be out in the cold in winters or feel wet and sticky due to the sweat on the back of their shirt in summers. Well, that’s what you will get if you have a failing AC. So have an inspection in time by HVAC professionals to know whether or not you need air conditioner repair in Decatur, Al.

The need to inspect on time

If inspection doesn’t occur in time, you may have to pay a whole lot more to have air conditioning repair in Decatur, Al. During the inspection, the HVAC technician will thoroughly look for anything that may be wrong with the AC unit and repair it on the spot. Getting these routine repairs makes sure that you are able to be comfortable throughout the day. Small problems with the HVAC unit may get more complex and complicated over time. If this happens, you may have to have more extensive air conditioner repair in Decatur, Al. You may even need to replace the unit altogether.

This routine inspection needs to happen regardless of whether you suspect an AC failure or not. An experienced technician should be the one to carry out the inspection, as they can pinpoint where faults and problems with your AC can occur. There are some signs that let you know if you need more than just air conditioning repair in Decatur, Al. Here they are:

1. Peculiar smells from the unit

This is the first tell tale sign of a failing air conditioner that needs air conditioning repair in Decatur, Al by a professional. The air from your AC should not smell of anything; it’s cooled air! If your AC unit is giving that warm earthy smell, it means that your filters need cleaning or it could indicate the presence of mold in the unit. A burnt, metallic smell indicates that the motor has burnt down. A leak from the unit can mean that a drain pipe is blocked causing water to flow back into the unit. Repairs are needed immediately in this case.

2. Weird noises

Your AC is not supposed to make sounds other than the smooth hum that some air conditioners make. Any other noise or any noise at all spells trouble for the AC. It may be the fan motor or compressor which may require immediate air conditioner repair in Decatur, Al. A faulty compressor may be more expensive to replace so replacement would be a better option. In case of an expired warranty, it is definitely better to get a replacement. A technician may be able to effectively evaluate whether you need to replace the fan motor or compressor when you opt for air conditioner repair in Decatur, Al.

3. You don’t get any cool air at all

Among the signs of a failing AC is not getting any cool air at all from your indoor unit. You may be standing in front of the AC and it may throw nothing but warm air. You will need to get your unit inspected by a professional to know exactly where the problem is and get it fixed. The cooling failure may happen because of a number of reasons, including a faulty thermostat or an exhausted refrigerant. The outside unit may also be the culprit here. Whatever the case may be, you should go for a reliable technician when you get air conditioning repair in Decatur, Al.

4. Inconsistency in cooling for different rooms

Your AC should be able to provide uniform cooling to each of the rooms that it supplies. If you feel a difference in any of the rooms’ temperatures when you turn on the AC, it may be a problem with your HVAC ducts or with the thermostat. A faulty thermostat may not give a proper reading and cause the air conditioner to cycle inappropriately at times. The central outdoor unit supplies cool air to the rest of the house through the ductwork, which comes out through the vents. When there is dirt, debris or even a dead rodent inside your ducts, the passage of the air may be blocked. You may also get the smell of decomposing flesh when there is a dead rat in the ductwork. You need an experienced technician for air conditioning repair in Decatur, Al to get rid of the underlying problem for good.

5. Your AC breaks down frequently

If you face frequent breakdowns of your AC, you may need to get it replaced. If it’s your house and has been with the family for the past 10-20 years, chances are that its HVAC system reached the end of its useful life, and needs to be replaced. People who buy homes off the market often overlook the condition of the HVAC system during appraisals and regret it later. The useful life of a typical AC unit is 7-10 years; 15 years at most, if it is maintained in impeccable condition. If your AC has stayed by your side for 10 years and is now giving nagging problems, it means that it has seen its fair share of wear and tear. Consider replacing the unit instead of opting for air conditioning repair in Decatur, Al.  

6. Your AC’s evaporator coil froze

The AC’s refrigerant liquid can be found in the evaporator coil and allows the heat to be absorbed easily so you get cool air from the indoor unit while the hot air is dispelled from the outdoor unit. During winters, when the AC is not operational, the coil gets too cold because of the refrigerant, and ice layers form on it, ceasing its function. If the coil is not repaired, there will be nowhere for the warm air to go out of the indoor unit. No cool air means an inefficient AC which rakes up a hefty bill without performing its function.

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