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Technical Problems: Calling a Servicing Company for Air Conditioner Service in Madison, AL

As a company that provides heating and air condition service in Madison, AL – one of the questions which our customers often ask us is:

When should we call an air conditioning service professional rather than executing the job on our own?

Since residential air conditioning systems are quite common in US, almost 83 percent of the homes have one, and they frequently face technical problems—we decided to blog on this all too important subject.

So, here is our answer:

Air conditioning system is a complex arrangement of electrical and mechanical components and as such it is difficult to diagnose a problem unless it is investigated in full. This requires professional expertise, tools and technical knowledge. Where we advise our customers to self-service the issues which concern a dirty filter—why spend money when you can handle such cases easily—we do not encourage any further intervention on issues which expand beyond the concerns of a dirty filter. That is when you should consult a heating and air condition service in Madison, AL.

Are there any examples to back it?

Well, here we have compiled a list of some common technical problems related to a malfunctioning air conditioning system along with the root causes. Please note, that these are just rough guidelines – not all root causes have been covered as there are many scenarios which cannot be accounted for without an onsite inspection.

Problem #1: Insufficient Cooling

Insufficient cooling is one of the most frequent complaints which we have to visit as an air conditioning service in Madison, AL. The problem could be very basic, like a clogged air filter. In this case you can clean the filter by yourself and see if the cooling restores to the normal level. But if the issue persists, then the complexity of the underlying problem could be more severe.

  • The temperature sensor of your thermostat may not be functioning properly.
  • There could be a problem in the wiring, electrical relays and capacitors installed in a unit’s condenser. For if your condenser is not working properly, the refrigeration cycle would be affected and there will be minimal or low cooling.
  • Another possible reason could be refrigerant leakage. When there would be a depleted supply of refrigerant in the evaporator coils, heat exchange would be affected and the cooling will suffer. As such, you not only need to recharge the refrigerant as per the manufacturer’s specification but you also need to detect the point of leakage to find a long term solution. Refrigerant leakage would not only affect the performance of your air conditioning unit but it also carries environmental hazards. Therefore, make sure that you call in a reliable servicing company for air conditioning repair in Madison, AL and get your system diagnosed. A trained technician will test, repair the leakage and recharge the refrigerant.

Problem #2: Unit Fan Not Turning On

Unit fan is pivotal to dissipating the heat from the refrigerant to the outdoor environment. At times these fans can stop working, which initially results in insufficient cooling and eventually a complete failure. There could be multiple reasons if a unit’s fan is not turning on.

  • One of these reasons is the blown up fuse located in evaporator coils. Evaporator coils are equipped with fuses which provide protection against overheating to the mechanical components of the system – including fan.
  • Similarly capacitors assist motors in their operation and if the capacitor burns out, the fan would run slowly or may not function at all.

These are electrical faults that need replacement parts which match with the manufacturer’s data sheet. As such, it is advisable to call a service company that provides air conditioning repair in Madison, AL to get the problem diagnosed and fixed.

Problem #3: Outdoor Unit Won’t Shut Off

If a non-functional outdoor unit fan is a common problem, then a continuously functioning outdoor unit is another issue which homeowners have to face frequently. The stop gap solution is turning off the circuit breaker but that’s not the real solution to the encountered problem. Furthermore, if the problem is not permanently fixed, it can cause the indoor coil to freeze and the ice-buildup can eventually spread to the outdoor unit. There are multiple reasons for it.

  • A pitted compressor contactor
  • A broken thermostat wire
  • A faulty thermostat circuit

Problem #4: Air Conditioner Unit Consuming Excessive Electricity

An abnormally high electricity bill is another common complaint we come across. Before calling in an air conditioning service in Madison AL, make sure that your air filters are not dirty and that the area is properly insulated and well covered. Excessive consumption of electricity can be attributed to multiple factors which include:

  • A tripped outdoor unit breaker.
  • A clogged condensing coil.
  • A refrigerant leak.
  • A damaged compressor.

All these issues require professional address and as such you should never try to execute the repair job on your own.

Problem #5: A Malfunctioning Air Handler

The air handler is responsible for drawing in warm atmospheric air from the indoors of the building and passing it through the evaporator coils before redistributing it back into the building. Being an important component of the centralized and ductless air conditioning systems, it is not surprising that many of the experienced issues are related with a malfunctioning air handler. Some common problems include:

  • A bad relay, damaged control board and a blown capacitor which can all result in the failure of blower motor, translating to a malfunctioning air handler.
  • Similarly, sometimes users forget to install an air filter in the handler assembly which clogs the evaporator coils. This may damage the compressor in the long run.

To diagnose the real root cause, consult a reliable company which provides air conditioning repair in Madison, AL.

We all hope that our air conditioning units can give long years of service life without requiring any repairs or maintenance. However, that’s not the case. Where the urge to get out your tool boxes and self address the problem may be too strong to resist—particularly when you have a limited budget—such measures often result in more significant and costly damages. Therefore, always call in a heating and air conditioning service in Madison, AL to efficiently address and fix the technical problems you are facing. If you need any help regarding installation, purchasing and repair of HVAC systems, feel free to contact us.