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Tips To Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Get Over-Worked And How To Know If You Need Air Conditioning Repair In Madison, AL

Your AC is one of your most valuable assets, especially in the summers. Having it work in the best of conditions is important if you want to avoid untimely air conditioning repair in Madison, AL. If you work hard to keep you air conditioner in tip top shape, it will return the favor by keeping you cool throughout the unbearable Madison summers.

First things first, you need to know what to avoid to keep your ac running in tip top shape. You should also be able to tell by some tell-tale signs if you need air conditioner repair in Madison, AL. After all, your AC might fail you despite your best efforts. It is rare, but none-the-less a very real possibility.

The Tips

1.    Don’t turn on your AC in a room you won’t use

If you are not going to be in a room for a considerable period of time, it is not necessary for you to keep the AC in that room open. If the room is already cool, you should also turn the AC off to avoid unnecessary cooling expenses on your HVAC bill, and the need for air conditioning service in Madison, AL.

A better option would be to have a programmable thermostat to use in place of a regular one. The automatic thermostat will be equipped with sensors to let it know when he room is cool enough and when it’s not. There are other sensors in new ACs to let it know if there is anyone in the room. Such smart sensors with the AC put you and your house at a significant advantage. You’ll have peace of mind and your house will be cool(er).

2.    Don’t set your thermostat too low in the beginning

A common mistake is to keep the thermostat at its lowest when you first turn the AC on. The AC has to work at a higher pace and consume more electricity resulting in higher HVAC bills. Your room has to reach an eventual level of cooling. It won’t happen any quicker if you lower the initial temperature of the AC. The end result will be the same cooling effect.

3.    Free the outside unit of your AC from unnecessary vegetation nearby

Plants do add a certain level of greenery to your house but not when they raise your HVAC bill. That is exactly what happens when you lace pots of plants and other vegetation near the outside unit of your AC.

The plants need to be placed at an adequate distance to allow the fresh air that they produce to flow freely though the AC’s outdoor unit. Trim any hedges or shrubs that could block the condenser of your AC. Cut off any overhanging branches that are in the way.

4.    Don’t wait to hear unusual sounds to know when you need repairs

Don’t delay the air conditioner repair in Madison, AL till you start hearing weird sounds and smells from your AC’s pipes. Routine maintenance can spot clogs and errors before they happen. You may save a ton of money just by having routine air conditioning service in Madison, AL.

The Signs

If your AC still fails you despite your best efforts, nothing but an air conditioning repair in Madison,
will be able to save you from despair. Although, you should be aware of some of the warning signs your AC is throwing your way (in some cases, quite literally).

1.    Reduced Airflow from your AC

This reduced airflow shows that your AC has compressor issues. If you are getting an uneven level of cooling in your house, your ductwork as some problems and needs urgent air conditioner repair in Madison, AL.

Rubbish may even get stuck in the vents which can cause the same problem. The rubbish may also be dangerous, meaning a potentially serious health hazard. Having its serviced is a great way to get rid of this health risk and get your AC up and running again.

2.    Something’s amiss I: “it’s that weird smell again.”

The AC’s wires are probably fried if this is what you find yourself saying near your AC units (in or out). Earthy smells spell trouble as you could have mold. Mold may be deadly as it is known to exacerbate breathing problems and cause flu and colds; even more serious health problems may result such as bronchitis.

An ounce of prevention is better than the cure in this case. Get maintenance as scheduled for your AC and in case of an emergency, contact air conditioning repair in Madison, AL.

3.    No more cool air – AC doesn’t work

This simply means, your AC is out of order. The air is just not as cool as it was before even when you have it turned up to the maximum. It may show a compressor failure as that is the main component being the “coolness” of the air. At other times, the coolant levels might also be lower than they are, and this means AC replacement.

4.    Issues and problems with your Thermostat

Your thermostat may be the component causing the trouble after all. One easy way to predict this problem is to see if one area in your house is cold while the other is as if the AC wasn’t even on. In such a case, it’s necessary to have air conditioning repair in Madison, AL.

5.    Something’s amiss II: “Do you hear that?”

If you hear grinding, grating or squeals similar to those you hear from the belts of your car if its service is overdue, you might need new air conditioner installation in Madison, AL. If not replaced in time, the burden on your wallet will be greater as it will affect the periphery of your AC such as ductwork and other important components.

The squealing shows that the AC belt has come out of its position and is making that noise. You may need to oil a metal component as those have also been known to squeal because of a lack of lube. Grinding indicates a problem with the bearings of your AC.

AC problems are not uncommon. Sometimes ACs may succumb to the heat as well. But it’s best of you take a hint from the signs your AC is giving you. Luckily Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has the answer to your prayers. We offer air conditioner repair in Madison, AL along with Plumbing and heating system repairs as well.

Your HVAC and plumbing systems are in safe hands when you call in one of our professionals a call at 256-353-0051 in case of an emergency.  If it’s your first time, you may be in for some discounts on our services as well.