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Maintaining Important Parts of your AC System Improves Performance and Efficiency | Decatur, AL

Decatur has pleasant weather most of the year, but there are times where you must depend on your air conditioning system to offer you the ideal environment. The ideal air conditioning service in Decatur, AL ensures that you can enjoy a comfortable environment throughout the year, regardless of the weather outside your home. Here, we mention some important parts of your AC system and how their proper maintenance ensures that your system’s performance and efficiency improves to provide you the best AC experience:

The Thermostat

The thermostat is not a part directly responsible for producing the air conditioning. However, it is the most important part, because it provides the controlling element for both cooling and heating functionality. It is basically a temperature sensor that allows your AC system to operate in a manner as to always keep the environment near the desired temperature that users can set up.

If you find that your home is not quickly getting to the right temperature, although everything else is operating, you may have a failing thermostat. An air conditioning service in Decatur, AL is sure to check your thermostat and replace it if it is faulty and not allowing your system to operate properly. A malfunctioning thermostat puts too much load on your AC system and can certainly destroy its efficiency if not repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

The Compressor

The compressor is the most important component of your AC system. It is the primary device which ensures that heat can be thrown outside the home in a function opposite to the natural movement of energy. The compressor in all types of cooling systems is designed to convert the refrigerant gas into a liquid, which prepares it to deliver the required cooling to either the air or a confined space as done in refrigerators and freezers.

Compressors may require air conditioning service in Decatur, AL from time to time, to ensure that they are working at the optimum capacity. A failing compressor can significantly lower the cooling, which your AC system can produce and may often cause the escape of refrigerant as well. Your compressor also takes the most amount of energy and having it working at the maximum efficiency ensures that you can lower your energy bill as much as possible.

The compressor helps your AC by removing the heat which is captured by the refrigerant gas. Once it is compressed and cooled, it can move to the next process in the refrigeration cycle.

The Condenser

The condenser is the second most important component of your AC system. It needs the support of air conditioning service in Decatur, AL to ensure that your system is efficient and is working at its optimum capacity. The condenser receives high pressure refrigerant gas from the compressor and allows it to turn into a liquid state. The condenser acts like a radiator, because it is the part where the heat exchange occurs.

The heat from your home is removed at the condenser, regardless of the type of the AC system that you have installed. It usually contains coils which produce the actual cooling process. It allows the heat to move away, which brings the temperature down causing the refrigerant to turn into its liquid form. An efficiently working condenser is essential for quickly cooling a space according to the total capacity of the installed system.

The Evaporator

Although last in the refrigeration process, the evaporate is also important for efficiently producing the required cooling. It needs an air conditioning service in Decatur, AL every few months to ensure that your system is delivering the ideal performance. The evaporator as the name suggests takes the cold refrigerant in the liquid state, delivers the hot air of the cooling space to it, which turns it back into a gas.

A fan is employed in the evaporator section, since it assists in moving hot air away from the home, while also moving the cold air into the room. The evaporator also completes the refrigeration process. At low pressure, the gas once again moves towards the compressor to gain the energy that it needs to actively remove heat once again from the air.

You must get an air conditioning service in Decatur, AL to ensure that all these components are working properly and efficiency is not lost at any stage during the various refrigeration cycles that are required for keeping the inside cool. Now, we describe some components that help your AC system work well under various conditions.

The Filters

The air filters are extremely important to get clean air to your AC system and ensure that it does not have to work hard on air full of dust and other contaminants. An air conditioning service in Decatur, AL should be received every few months to clean the filters that service air to your AC system. The cleaning ensures that your air conditioning is efficient and does not deliver dusty air, which may clog and damage various system components.

The Ducts

If you have a central AC system then you also need air conditioning service in Decatur, AL to ensure that your ducts are clean and the air can easily move through them to cool your entire house without wasting energy. Cleaning the ducts may not always be possible by yourself, since they are installed in such a manner as to ensure that they remain hidden from plain sight.

The Muffler

Compressors can often produce large noises when operating and therefore are often installed with a muffler to reduce the sound escaping to the surrounding area. You need air conditioning service in Decatur, AL to ensure that the compressor remains fully protected and is working efficiently to deliver the best air conditioning.

Jackson Plumbing understands your needs to receive the ideal air conditioning service in Decatur, AL to ensure that your AC system is working efficiently. Remember, when all components of your AC system are fully serviced and repaired, you can get the best performance out of your system in a consistent manner.