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The Beginners Guide to Air Conditioning Systems in Huntsville, AL

Since 1902, air conditioners have been part of households all over the world and today have become such essential components that it is hard to imagine a home without an air conditioner installation in it.

Air Conditioners and Huntsville

Huntsville, Alabama is a city with a diverse climate with normal temperatures ranging from 33o F to 89o F. The summers are hot and winters short but very cold. With the weather on a roller coaster ride throughout the year, heating and cooling systems throughout the city require proper maintenance to ensure efficient functioning throughout. A full year cycle includes different weathers which vary in intensity owing to the rising effects of global warming. Each year there are new challenges so knowing the basics of your electronic equipment helps to lower damage risks and overall costs.

Let’s take a look at a breakdown of the components in an air conditioning and heating system coupled with common problems that they might spring up. Self air conditioning repair in cases that seem out of one’s hand is not advisable at all and it is always a sound strategy to call in the specialists that know the job well.


An air conditioning system uses electricity to cool a gas into its liquid form. This cooled liquid is used to lower the temperature of warm air that is sucked in by the system and then expelled through the front vents. The gas used for this cooling cycle to work is the same one that is used in refrigerators, hence called refrigerant. The most common problem associated with this gas is leakage. The most common sign of gas leakage is when the air conditioner is no longer throwing out cool air. Air conditioner repair in this case becomes inevitable because it is only recommended that the gas be refilled by certified technicians.


The outer unit of the central heating and AC in your home is the condenser. As the name suggests it is where the gas conversion into liquid takes place and the hot air is expelled into the environment outside. Huntsville is a state that sees weather shifts with heavy winds, rain and other climatic variations. Some of the faults in condensers result from clogging by outer debris since it is directly expose to the environment. Keeping it covered while it’s powered off will help avoid this problem. Other factors that might cause a condenser to malfunction are short circuits and leaking refrigerant. Regular air conditioning service in the space of 2 months can keep the appliances functioning effectively.


It is the part of the system where the refrigerant is converted from low to high pressure and sent to the condenser. Also located in the outer part of the system the compressor can suffer from lost pressure due to gas leakage or burnt wires due to electrical malfunctions. Calling air conditioning repair in Huntsville to sort out such problems is advisable because not everyone is skilled enough to fix complex wiring inside the unit themselves. At times, the compressor can also suffer from stuttering; or problems with the motor mean that it doesn’t turn on/off  properly.  All these aspects of air conditioner repair in homes are to be referred to experts as soon as possible.

Expansion Coils

Located in the inner unit, these coils carry cooled gas through the unit to cool the air that is used expelled through the vents of the indoor vents. These pipes might become clogged at times or develop leaks. This can result in various issues like icing up of the cools hindering smooth performance of the air conditioning system.  Air conditioning service at least once month can help eliminate any such problems. With temperatures in Huntsville, Alabama soaring to highs of almost 89o F, a non-functioning heating and ac in the home can become a nuisance and can extreme discomfort.


Air filters are like mouth guards on the air conditioner. They filter a large number of harmful particles and contaminants from the air before it is blown into the room. They trap numerous harmful elements like pollen, molds and bacteria. A clean air filter is your first line of defense against numerous diseases and therefore careful inspection and cleaning of the filters is recommended whenever possible.

Air conditioner repair and service in most cases is easy and hassle free if it is done regularly. In cities like Huntsville it is important to keep heating and AC in top notch shape for obvious reasons. There are several different types of air conditioners available in the market but the basic components of all these appliances like condensers, compressors, filters and coils remain the same.