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Furnace Efficiency Tips

Helpful Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Furnace

Winter season has embarked to extend our heating bills for most of us, and many are actually losing extra. How much may we be losing, you ask? Depending on the insulation and other variables in our homes, our bills could very well be nearly double. The classic battle is finding the proper specifications in each facet of a furnace. To guide your next heating system purchase, here are a couple of tips and recommendations.

Map the Size

The furnace is not a universal shape and size for all houses. The size and power depends on a myriad of factors. First, the spaciousness of your house and the amount of rooms comes to mind. Large open rooms encourage the transfer of cold air more freely, and can lead to furnace heat being neutralized if not at a higher rate. Next is the climate outside, because if you are in a Northern country such as Canada or in England, the cold might hit harder than a Southern American city. If you are facing the south, your house will also be hitting the sun, drastically heightening the temperature. If your house is small and, or, in a hot climate, size down; size up for the opposite.

Mapping Sizes with Software

A sub-tip of the prior point, when mapping your house it is very effective to use software that will help pick the best hardware based on square feet and location. Your contractors are most likely to use one of these programs to give you the optimal furnace brand and model.

Save Energy by Insulating

As important as excessive sizes, when using a heater with poor insulation you will waste energy. Not only will you be losing money, but also feel no warmth at all. To fix insulation problems, buy caulking and run it around open areas such as windows sills. When weighing options on window insulation, we recommend rubber weather sealing as a DIY. Optimal window insulation can be done via contractors and many states have no taken part in giving grants to those who fix up their windows, doors, and general energy-loss issues.

Maintain Your Heating Filter

Cleaning your filter is easy to understand, but there are people who forget. Unfortunately, when leaving a dirty filter, it can lead to nearly five percent of an increase on your next bill. As future reference, it is easy to set a furnace alarm for your filters to know the exact moment to replace energy consumers.

Add a Humidifier

Humid conditions in colder conditions are proven to make the freezing temperature bearable. It is a simple concept that may already be in your favor if you have a fish-tank or house-plants due to their nature.

Nothing can beat a toasty house during the winter, but saving money while doing so is rewarding enough. In the future, with these references, you can survive the cold with an efficient furnace at a low cost.