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Clogged Drains | Drain Cleaning Service in Huntsville, AL

Reasons behind drain clogs

Sanitary products, wipes, cotton swabs, diapers, plasters, bandages, and cigarette butts, to name a few items, are unfit to be flushed away in a drain. This is because the sewer system is suitable only for taking away waste water.

Furthermore, oil and fat used in cooking can also result in drain clogs. As long as they are in a liquid state, it may not seem like a problem. But as they flow in pipes, this blend can harden and lead to an obstruction. Even rinsing oily dishes with dishwashing liquid or hot water cannot prevent the formation of these barriers.

Toilet paper, even though a common item for most lavatories, is also known to cause blockages if flushed down the drain. The reason being its inability to decompose in the gutter.

Drain clogs not only occur in pipes but also in sewer lines as well as in the toilets. This can lead to situations like slow drainage or a blocked drain preventing you from further disposing of items, whether suitable or unsuitable. Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning provides a solution to these very issues by providing a drain cleaning service in Huntsville, AL with the objective to identify the blockage types and clogged locations using their expertise. If you are experiencing draining problems or blockages, give Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning a call to provide you with a drain cleaning service in Huntsville, AL.

Dangers caused by drain clogs

Although blockage or clogging occurring in drains may seem a petty issue, which can lead to prolongation of a drain cleaning service in Huntsville, AL, what some of us fail to realize is that the effects of this very delay can prove to be hazardous. Here is how neglecting a drain cleaning service in Huntsville, AL can cause damage and affect lives, and why periodic drain cleaning should not be ignored:

1.    Flooding

Flooding is one of the major issues caused by drain clogs. Water can collect in high volumes affecting the surroundings as well as the people around it. People affected by flooding are forced to leave their households until the necessary repairs are completed. Even so just the idea of leaving your permanent abode can seem to be quite daunting.

2.    Impact on household, its foundations and inhabitants

Repairs required after the damage caused by drain clogging can take time depending on how much damage ignoring a timely maintenance or repair from a drain cleaning service in Huntsville, AL has done. This can also force the residents out of their respective households. Not to mention the difficulties that have to be faced in getting used to the new environment and surroundings.

3.    Effects on the environment

It is not just harmful for humans, but sewage blocks can affect wildlife as well as life in the sea. If harmful debris and sewage is consumed by animals and fishes it can not only prove to be difficult for them to survive but also become their cause of death. Furthermore, waster water may seep into the ground and get mixed with ground water, contaminating it.

4.    Health issues

Pet wastes, oil and other harmful chemicals dumped into storm drains or catch basins are not necessarily treated at the wastewater plant but may enter rivers, lake, and streams that can have long-term effect on health due to its exposure especially in areas present in close range to the affected site.

Storm drains

The grates that are systematically placed on streets act as storm drains, which prove most helpful during heavy rainfall. Operating as entrances from the streets to the sewer system, storm drains—also called catch basins—help collect water for the proper facilities where it is disposed of accordingly. If missing, the streets may become flooded and affect ongoing traffic of people and cars alike. Not to mention create problems in navigating from one place to another, especially if water collects on a busy street. If clogged due to fallen leaves or other debris, the water makes its way back in the form of sewage onto the streets, which can also affect surrounding areas and households. This is where professional drain cleaning service in Huntsville, AL can come in handy.

A Recent Example

Dating back to March 2013, from the 15th of the month to the 17th, a record volume of rainfall was recorded for the region of North Alabama including Huntsville. The Tennessee River was the major cause of flooding that occurred in Huntsville, which spread as far as the Heart of Huntsville Mall in addition to affecting the surrounding areas. This leads to the fact that water collecting in high volumes can have major impact on the country and its inhabitants. And why regular maintenance of storm drains by a professional drain cleaning service in Huntsville, AL is crucial for avoiding draining problems.

Emergencies concerning drain clogs

The following situations are when a drain cleaning service in Huntsville, AL is immediately required:

1.    Households in danger of being filled with sewage

When there is a possibility that sewage or other debris combined with water can enter your household or has entered your household.

2.    Water flooding the streets

Streets are flooded with water due to blockage occurring in the storm drains or catch basins.

3.    Broken pipe(s)

A broken pipe or leak is suspected or confirmed thus creating a threat of water flooding in the area.

4.    Improper disposing of items

If paint, oil, water from a swimming pool, and other harmful waste is being dumped or being washed away into the drain.

5.    Improper placement of the sewer hole cover

This is when a manhole opening has a missing cover or the cover is not properly placed.

Along with preventing these damages, the periodic Drain cleaning service in Huntsville, AL provided by Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has its perks. It can minimize risks concerning blockages or clogs in addition to protecting the household and its foundations from damages caused by drain clogs or blockage. Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning provides the necessary fixes to these problems and more for both residential and commercial buildings. Call now for a drain cleaning service in Huntsville, AL!