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How to Prevent Your Drain from Clogging?

A clogged drain can prove to be your worst living nightmare. You can always count on your drainage system to be a victim of nasty clogging at the most unpredictable time, costing you a heck load of mess to deal with, high costs and lots of time. Cherry on top, the pungent odor that reeks from the accumulated drain can be extremely threatening to your family’s health and safety, if not treated immediately.

Once the drainage system in your house in Decatur, AL is clogged, there is no other option than either using strong and dangerous chemicals to clean it out or hiring a professional plumbing service in your Decatur, AL house.

But the situation can easily be avoided and you can save up loads of bucks from going down the drain if you follow the expert guideline below on how to prevent you drain from clogging:

1.     Attach a grill in your washing machine hose

To avoid an emergency cry for help to a drain cleaning service in your Decatur, AL house, make sure you add a grill to the hose of your washing machine. Often times, tiny bits of fabrics, lint, tissues and even a really small sock can sneak out of the hose of your washing machine and cause trouble in your drain. This will eventually compel you to ask a plumbing service in, to help you clean up in turn, costing you a hefty amount.

To avoid this unnecessary cost from occurring, make sure you keep drain away from the devils that could potentially clog it. The best way to go about it is to get either a grill fixed in you hose that only allows water to pass through from the holes or to get a lint trap to prevent any fabric from passing through. If you’re on a low budget, you can always recycle and fix an old stocking on the hose with a zipper to prevent pieces of fabric from transporting.

2.     Don’t throw the grease in

A stab to your own spine would be to directly pour down warm grease into your sink. Hot or even mild warm grease tends to crawl down the sides of your drain and once it has cooled down, thickens up to a point where it becomes an obstacle to the running water and begins clogging.

As a measure of prevention, every time you work with oil or grease, make sure you separately pour it down an extra jar and throw it in the trash can. Otherwise, you can always put it back to use if you have a flare for cooking with leftover oil. But either will save you an urgent call to your professional plumbing company in Decatur, AL to your home.

3.     Grout, sand and cement- a big no!

Another horrible way to completely demolish the life cycle of the drain system in your house in Decatur, AL would be to dump down grout, sand or cement down your drainage system. For example, if you dump your beach clothes, laden with sand in your washing machine, you will be causing some real damage to your drainage system. Since sand is notorious for being heavy, it sinks in and settles down in the crevices of your pipes to cause severe clogging that is difficult to scrap out.

Cement is just as bad. If you are repairing the walls in your house and need layers and layers of cement to work with, it would be a terrible idea to rinse off the spatula at the end of the day directly on your sink. The joint compound in the cement would thicken and cause heavy clogging in your pipe line.

A wise decision would be to avoid directly rinsing these threatening materials on your sink. If you need to rinse off mortar, grout, sand, cement or concrete off a surface, make sure you wash them off a surface in a bucket of water. So if you don’t want to make that phone call to your professional plumbing company in, fill in a tub with water, dump in your item of disposal and rinse it off the by-setting compound.

4.     Hook out the hair from with the screen for drain

One of the reasons why the bathroom pipe line of your house in Decatur, AL clogs is because of the excessive hair that sneaks its way into the pipes due to unprotected opening. To avoid the hair from creeping its way inside, you need to make sure you take the appropriate step for prevention and add a straining cover on top of your drainage pipe. Once the hair is strained and collected, you can easily pick it up and throw it in the garbage to avoid it from somehow slipping in your pipeline and causing a massive clogging problem. This way, you would be able to spare your bathroom from calling onto a costly drain cleaning service in to your house.

5.     Use a drain cleaner

The most common reasons why drains clog are because of food, hair, grease or fiber all of which are organic in nature. Thanks to the chem-bio prodigies, bacteria that break down organic matter exist. Add this bacteria drain cleaner to prevent your drain from clogging if you are suspicious that it is close to clogging or to fully clean out a mild clogging. Bacteria cleaner is available in liquid and powdered form and is a reasonable way to avoid calling the local plumbing service in.

What qualifies this bacterial drain cleaner as an effective method of prevention is it noncorrosive nature which is why, it does zero damage to your pipe line or septic system.

Do you need professional help?

At the end of the day, if your drain has clogged, there is nothing you can do about it but regret your reckless behavior. Once you’re over your moment of rue, make sure you seek out to Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling services for your Decatur, AL house. All you have to do is contact us here!