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Conventional Water Heaters

Water Heater Experts in Huntsville, AL

Jackson Plumbing in Huntsville offers a broad range of conventional water heater’s. Our professional plumbers are equipped to offer you the water heater you need. If you are not looking to replace your existing water heater, and are in need of water heater repair, give us a call today and a Jackson Plumbing plumber in Huntsville, AL will arrive on time to diagnose and repair your water heater problem. Our repairs are backed by a two year warranty, and you can rely on us to repair your problem correctly the first time.

Water Heater Repair vs. Replacement
Annual water heater maintenance and timely repair when required, will assist in maintaining the water heaters optimal performance, efficiency and life span. Maintenance reduces the number of potential problems, including corrosion and a reduced lifespan. It pays to ensure annual water heater maintenance and a Jackson Plumbing plumber in Huntsville, AL has the expertise to ensure proficient water heater maintenance, repair and installation.

Eventually the water heater will need to be replaced, especially for those household’s affected by hard water, which affects 85% of the household’s in the U.S. The installation of a water softener can prevent the damage caused by hard water. If ensuring a longer lifespan of the water heater, and preventing mineral deposits that occur with hard water in pipes and other water using appliances are of interest to you, contact a Jackson Plumbing plumber in Huntsville, AL for additional information.

Selecting a Water Heater
In the past water heaters were basically all the same. As a result, the selection was not difficult. This is no longer the case, in today’s market there is a vast array of different types of water heaters with a number of beneficial technologies to select from.
There are several basic considerations involved in the selection of a water heater, fuel source and capacity for example. If you are unsure of your needs, our plumbers will be glad to assist you in selecting the water heater that will best serve your household’s hot water requirements.

Energy efficiency is at the top of the list for the majority of homeowner’s, and we will be glad to assist you in this as well. A tankless water heater may be an option for your home when saving energy is a priority. A Jackson Plumbing plumber in Huntsville, AL will assess your needs and hot water habits, and provide a recommendation based upon your use, and your budget.

Water Heater Considerations

  • Capacity is the amount of water a conventional water heater will heat and store. The capacity of the existing water heater provides you a starting point. For example, when the current water heater is 40 gallons and it provides for all of your hot water needs, you will want to purchase the same capacity. On the other hand, if your household routinely runs out of hot water you will require a larger capacity. A plumber in Huntsville, AL can assist in the selection of the water heater you need.
  • Recovery rate is the number of gallons a water heater will heat in a specified amount of time. When several persons are showering in the evening you will want to purchase a model with a faster recovery rate to ensure ample hot water for your household requirements.
  • Dimension is the width and height of the appliance. Measure the space the appliance occupies to ensure the new water heater will fit into the space, including the opening it must fit through. This is essential with the new water heater standards in place, which have increased the size of conventional water heaters.
  • The energy efficiency rating sticker should be displayed on the water heater. This will provide the estimated annual cost of operation for the appliance. Select the most energy efficient model your budget will allow to reduce energy costs of operation.
  • Glass lined water heaters assist in protecting the tank against rust and corrosion, and is well worth the small extra cost.

When you contact a Jackson Plumbing plumber in Huntsville, AL to install our quality water heater, we will take care of all the details for you.

Basics of Conventional Water Heaters
Conventional water heaters remain a common water heating system in homes and business’s. A water heater operates by releasing hot water from the tank when you turn on a hot water tap. Cold water enters the tank, and is heated to a preset temperature. However, the new water heater standards have resulted in conventional water heaters having a maximum capacity of 55 gallons. If your home requires a higher volume of hot water, it will require the installation of two water heaters or the installation of an appliance such as a heat pump water heater. A Jackson Plumbing plumber in Huntsville, AL will ensure you are thoroughly informed of your options, enabling you to make an informed decision.

A conventional water heater heats water, and reheats it when the temperature begins to fall resulting in standby heat losses. This is a common reason for a growing number of homeowner’s to install the tankless system for qualifying households.

Give us a Call Today
Contact Jackson Plumbing in Huntsville to schedule water heater service, repair or installation. Our punctual plumbers will be there on time to provide the reliable services you expect. If you have questions regarding water heater installation or other concerns, give us a call. A Jackson Plumbing professional plumber in Huntsville, AL will be glad to answer your questions or address your concerns.