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Why Do You Need to Hire the Drain Cleaning Service in Decatur, AL?

When you face a clogged or slow drain, calling an expert plumber in Decatur, AL might not be your first choice. This is a common reaction of many homeowners. After all, all you need to clear a clogged drain is to use the available drain cleaners on the market.

But what make homeowners to avoid calling the drain cleaning service in Decatur, AL and instead using a drain cleaner? 

Well, homeowners prefer to use a drain cleaner instead of taking the assistance of a plumber because the use of drain cleaner is cheaper. It requires very little efforts. So why would a homeowner call for a local plumber in Decatur, AL? 

Truth be told, there are many reasons to call the professional help. Some of these reasons may include the longevity of your drain lines, your health and the low quality and poor performance of drain cleaners – just to name a few!

To further assist you with that, let us share some more reasons for you to call the drain cleaner service in Decatur, AL. So stop taking your drain line issues as a DIY task and take the help of experts for the following reasons.

The Life of Your Drain Pipes

The common mechanism through which many drain cleaners work is by causing a chemical reaction inside the drain system. Most of the time, this reaction is caused due to the presence of hydrochloric acid. As you put these drain cleaners in your drain pipes, it generates heat. Typically this reaction causes some irreversible damage to your drain system.

According to local plumbers in Decatur, AL;

This usually happens when low-quality and damaging drain cleaners fail to perform the job. It happens when drain cleaners don’t provide an instant and complete solution of dissolving or getting away with the clog. That is why these liquid chemicals only add to your drain line clog whereas the chemical reaction is only concentrated in a small area of the pipe.

To be worst, if your drain system comprises of plastic pipes, this generated heat may potentially melt and even deform the pipe material. On the other hand, metal pipe is usually more resilient. Indeed, the generated heat can soften the metal in a manner that would cause further leaks or cracks down the line. Needless to say, this problem is commonly observed when your drain system is old or you use older pipes.

Health Concerns

Imagine if drain cleaners can severely damage the drain pipes, how harmful they can be for humans. Drain cleaners and especially the fumes which release by the use of these products are quite harmful. As experts of drain cleaning service in Decatur, AL state, when you use these drain cleaners, you may feel irritation in your eyes, nose, lungs or even throat.

However, you may not experience these problems if you use only the high-quality products of trusted providers. Otherwise, some formulas may directly burn if they accidentally come in contact with the skin. That is why it is really important that you keep yourself safe. Similarly, the product may also come in contact with your eyes. Hence if you are performing the task on your own, make sure to wear safety goggles whenever you are using drain cleaners.

Though your best bet is to leave the task to professionals and call the expertise of drain cleaning service in Decatur, AL

Get Value for Your Money

Even if you manage to clean the clogged or slow drain system without damaging your drain pipes or compromising the health, you cannot guarantee that it will last longer. You can never guarantee the effective cleaning of drain system unless you are an expert or professional plumber in Decatur, AL.

For instance, when a drain clog is due to any substance other than a grease buildup and a simple hairball, drain cleaners fail to help at all. Most of the times you may resolve the issue but majorly the solution doesn’t t last for long. In this case, you not only call the professional plumber in Decatur, AL but you may also incur the complete replacement cost if your drain system is damaged due to improper handling.

Another major reason to call the drain cleaning service in Decatur, AL is that plumbers are expert professionals and they have skills to identify the cause of the clog. For instance, there may be a break or crack in the pipe which is allowing the irrelevant substance to push through. Most of the times, the root cause is deep down in the drainage system. That is why using a drain cleaner is not just a waste of time and money. Regardless of the product you use, you cannot fix the issue without having the right tools and skills of the trade.

Elbow Grease or Plunger

According to experts of drain cleaning service in Decatur, AL, many homeowners, in the hope of cleaning the clogged drain line without hiring the expertise of a plumber in Decatur, AL, damage their drain system by using plungers. Although you can always use plungers instead of those damaging drain cleaners, you must remember to use them wisely and correctly.

The use of plungers to clear clogged drain lines is a bit traditional; therefore, be sure that you practice the adequate plunger technique to receive the best possible results. Otherwise, the best option is to get the assistance of a local plumber in Decatur, AL.

Similarly, you may also try cleaning the clogged drain system by using a plumbing snake. However, the scaled-down versions available are not as effective as the ones used by the professional plumber in Decatur, AL.

The bottom line

The cleaning of a clogged drain is a hard row to toe. So if you are facing a clogged or slow drain in Decatur, AL, stop causing more damage by treating the issue on your own, instead, call the Jackson Plumbing and Cooling Service right away!

Their team of professional plumber is well-versed to handle the most complex issues of the drain system. In case of facing any emergency, you may call their 24/7 emergency helpline 256-353-0051.