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What you need to Know about Garbage Disposals | Plumber in Huntsville, AL

What you need to Know about Garbage Disposals | Plumber in Huntsville, AL

A garbage disposal acts as a safety mechanism to prevent drain clogging. It is a major component in our kitchens that is generally installed underneath the kitchen sink. The garbage disposal unit prevents the drain from clogging by shredding the food particles into various small pieces that may then easily pass through the drain pipes.

While there are numerous kinds of garbage disposal, the most common is the continuous feed. This garbage disposal let the food waster to get added when appliance runs. As per the local plumbers in Huntsville, AL, some commercial and high-end garbage disposals use an extra blade to provide finely chopped material.

These high-end models also come with the reversible motor to clear jams from the disposal. However, in terms of garbage disposal installation, repair or service, it is mandatory to take the assistance of a reputed plumbing company in Huntsville, AL.

This will help you in saving the repair cost in the long run. Moreover, never try to attempt the repair as a DIY project. Most homeowners who require the replacement of their installed garbage disposals are the ones who further break a repair situation by attempting the work on their own.

The Most Common Problems of Garbage Disposals

As per plumbers in Huntsville, AL, the most common problem of garbage disposal is the failure to start. The most common reason behind this failure to start is usually an electrical issue. However, before you call the professional assistance of a plumber in Huntsville, AL, make sure you take the following steps. These steps will help you fix the minor issues instantly and help the garbage disposal to start working again.

  • Make sure that the garbage disposal is properly plugged in
  • Always check the rest button at the bottom. If you find it pushed out then try to push it back in.
  • If your garbage disposal is indeed not starting, try checking for a tripped breaker in the electrical service panel in your house.

If you have already taken these steps and your garbage disposal is still inoperable then it’s time to call the expertise of a local plumber in Huntsville, AL. Don’t attempt to fix the issue any longer.

There are many types of food that cannot only jam but may damage the garbage disposal. So the plumbers in Huntsville, AL suggest placing fibrous foods in your trash can. These fibrous foods may include food items such as artichoke leaves, celery, potato skins, banana skins, cornhusk silks, carrot skins, bone and cherry pits.

Moreover, never put oil, fat or grease in your garbage disposal or in your drain. Make sure you properly dispose of the grease in a more leak-proof container and then disposed of it in the bin. Even if you take some measures, there is good chance that someone will still put in a food item that is not suitable for your garbage disposal. This may lead to the need for repair or replacement of your garbage disposal. This is particularly true when you have a gathering at your house and someone else put in the food item that gets stuck in the disposal or clogs the drain eventually.

So in the scenario of any such accidental attempt, make sure you remove the item by taking the assistance of local plumbers in Huntsville, AL before it leads to a drain clog. If you think that the issue is minor and you have enough knowledge and tools to fix the issue, then keep your safety as the first priority.

The first step, as recommended by plumbers in Huntsville, AL is to switch off the circuit breaker of your garbage disposal. Next is to avoid purring fingers at the disposal. Putting in fingers in the garbage disposal to clean the scrap can be really dangerous and may lead to serious hazard!

Garbage Disposal Tips and Tricks

If you have a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen then here are some tips to avoid the frequent repair and maintenance of your appliance.

  • The best way to flush away the food from the disposal is to run cold water thoroughly. Always turn on the cold water before you start the garbage disposal. Let the water run for at least fifteen seconds once you shut off the disposal. This will help in flushing the waste off completely. The local plumbers in Huntsville, AL prohibit the use of hot water when running the disposal
  • There are numerous garbage disposal cleaners that help prevent the odd odor. Make sure you only used the approved cleaner. For this contact the manufacturer and take their recommendation. You can also make a scented cleaner at home by grinding up lemon and orange peels. This will also help remove the unsightly buildups.
  • Make sure you clean the drain lines every two years by taking the assistance of a local plumber in Huntsville, AL. This is highly recommended to keep your drain line unclogged regardless if you do have a garbage disposal installed or not.
  • Keep vegetable material and peels separate when cutting and slowly feed them into the garbage disposal. Don’t fill the disposal completely and put a small amount and turn on the disposal. This will prevent clogging of drain or jamming of the disposal.
  • Never use poor quality drain cleaning material to clean the drain line. They contain hydrochloric acid that can be highly dangerous for your drain pipes. Moreover, they have an acrid smell that would spread all over your house and will be highly uncomfortable to adjust with. So your best option is to take the professional help of a local plumber in Huntsville, AL.

If you are in Huntsville, AL and looking for a professional and reputed plumbing company then head over to Jackson Plumbing right away. Their experts are well versed to handle the most complex garbage disposal issues. They are experienced and you can easily contact them in case of an emergency by dialing their helpline number available on their website.