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Different Types of Heat Pumps | Heating and AC Service in Decatur, AL

Different Types of Heat Pumps | Heating and AC Service in Decatur, AL

Just like other HVAC systems in your house, a heat pump is also a mechanical system that produces heated or cooled air. Many homeowners in Decatur, AL use heat pumps to distribute heated or cooled air throughout their home.

However, not many people fully understand the heat pump and how it works. That is exactly why people don’t pay attention to the repair and maintenance of their heat pump by hiring a local heating and AC service in Decatur, AL. Just like another HVAC system, a heat pump also needs the assistance of a professional plumbing company in Decatur, AL to ensure its proper installation.

The installation process of a heat pump comprises of two major parts. The major parts are known as an indoor/outdoor unit. Commonly they are referred to as the air handler. Meanwhile, the outdoor unit is referred as a heat pump which is quite similar to an air conditioner unit. A heat pump also comprises of refrigerant that is distributed throughout the system which absorbs and then release warm air that easily flows inside the house.

The heat pump, nevertheless, is an integral component in our household. So how do heat pumps work?

Well, the functionality of a heat pump is more or less similar to the air conditioner. Whenever the cold season arises, the heat pump extracts heat from the outdoor air and simply transfers the heat inside the house. However, when it comes down to hot weather, heat pumps work in reverse order. They start to extract the warm air from inside and release it in the outdoors. The main advantage of a heat pump is that it moves heat instead of generating it.

That is why heat pumps work on higher efficiency and take a lot less electricity than any other heating system. A heat pump is also an electrical unit. The best use of heat pumps is in the moderate climates i.e. the areas where it is rather cold and where an efficient heating system is required.

There are different types of heating systems that are used in different climates. As per the local heating and AC service in Decatur, AL, they may also differ in terms of their working or efficiency level.

Let’s discuss some different types of heat pumps in detail.

Air House Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are best suited for moderate climates. Generally, such pumps are installed by local heating and AC services in Decatur, AL on side of the house. They draw the outside air in and transfer the heat via two coils and compression that are building of conductive copper tubing. The best advantage of installing air house heat pumps is that they are high-efficiency systems and best known to provide excellent savings on utility bills.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

As suggested by the name, ground source heat pumps draw heat from the ground to ensure warm homes. Such heat pumps are also referred as geometrical heat pumps. They offer higher efficiency in comparison to air source heat pumps. The major reason for higher efficiency is that at a particular depth, the underground temperature is generally a lot constant. Just like different types of heat pumps, as per local heating and AC services in Decatur, AL there are various types of ground source heat pumps. These may include vertical, horizontal array and water-source.

Hybrid Array Heat Pump

A hybrid array heat pump is the one that uses different energy source like a boiler. This hybrid system offers a lot more consistent supply of warm air along with much higher energy efficiency.

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

Such heat pumps are individual units which are generally installed on the ceiling or wall. The greatest advantage of such type of systems is that they don’t need any duct to transfer or distribute heat into the house. Such types of systems are best suited in the situation of retrofitting homes.

Absorption Heat Pumps

An absorption heat pump is the one that uses another heat source. This may include geothermally heated weather or solar heated water rather than electricity. This means the same amount of efficiency without the consumption of electricity.

Nonetheless, a heat pump is the crucial mechanical system in your house. It is necessary to ensure moderate temperature in your house. As per the local heating and AC services in Decatur, AL, the most common problem that causes malfunctioning of a heat pump is the improper installation of the unit. That is why it is very important to take only the professional expertise so that it can be installed properly.

Similarly, not many people take the repair and maintenance of their heat pumps seriously. This not only creates problems in terms of efficiency but it also causes them to incur heavy cost of utility bills. As per the local heating and AC services in Decatur, AL, almost 60% of your energy bills comprise of your HVAC system hence if you keep these systems well maintained you can significantly reduce the electricity bills.

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