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6 Tips That Every Professional Working For an Air Conditioning Service in Decatur Will Tell You for AC Maintenance

In summers, when our central air conditioning system stops working, we even hate doing some of the things we love, like playing video games or watching a movie. All we try do is find the perfect spot near the window that blows in fresh air. This is one of the most common problems faced by a lot of people, especially during summers.

Before this happens with you, you should take some measures to prevent your air conditioning system from shutting down. When an expert from an air conditioning service in Decatur installs a central AC unit, there are several non-mechanic tips they give to their clients. These tips help them to perform proper maintenance on their air conditioning system. These tips can increase your AC’s life, give you a cooler house and help you cut down on electricity bills.

Following are 6 tips that an air conditioning service in Decatur will give you for proper maintenance of your AC unit:

Tip #1

Change the Air Filter after Every Three Months

Changing the AC’s air filter is similar to changing your car’s engine oil. The task must be performed after every three months to avoid any serious problems. A dirty air filter can stop the air from passing inside the house to the central unit. This can cause the coils to freeze, which will completely shut down your air conditioning system.

An air filter can either be repaired by cleaning it with a handheld portable vacuum cleaner or it can be changed altogether. If you cannot find the right filter for you AC, it is better to call an air conditioning service in Decatur before you put in the wrong filter.

Tip #2

Use Pleated Filter

Throwable filters such as single use fiberglass filter do not give an efficient flow. The dust gets stuck to the filter easily, which is one of the most common reasons of an air conditioning system not working. Though, most of the AC systems come with a throwable filter, it is better to use synthetic pleated filters. According to air conditioning service in Decatur, they are 25% more efficient than fiberglass filters.

The filter’s material is folded into a V-shape, enabling more filtered air to enter the room. Due to its double folding, the filter lasts up to three or four months. A fiber glass filter starts blocking the air after one month and must be repaired regularly.

The reason why air conditioning service in Decatur recommends pleated filters is because they can save you from the cost of buying a filter after every two months, as in the case of fiber glass filters.

Tip #3

Cover the Ducts When Having House Repairs

Air conditioning service in Decatur says that it is extremely important that you cover your central AC ducts when doing any kind of house renovation or repairs. The dust flying around from these repairs can enter the duct and clog the pipes, which will result in the AC not being able to blow out the house’s air.

Cover the ducts with cardboard and fix them in place with tape. For extra safety, cover the cardboards with bubble wrap so that there is no chance of dirt entering the ducts.

Tip #4

Provide Adequate Insulation for the Duct Pipes

When an air conditioning service in Decatur installs a central AC, they usually recommend that the duct work be done in the attic. The reason for this is because it is less messy and does not destroy your interior décor. However, when the duct is installed in the attic, experts usually recommend that it be protected with a covering to prevent any damage from insects or dust.

What you can do is cover the duct work with an insulation wrap that has a layer of foil. Do not use plastic because plastic deteriorates quickly.

Tip #5

Turn the Thermostat Setting To Normal

Whoever said that setting the thermostat at low will keep your room cool for a long time is wrong! The only thing you get out of this is an increased electricity bill. Air conditioning service in Decatur recommends that by setting the AC temperature on normal, your room cools faster in a short time, you get less electricity bill and you protect your AC’s life.

Tip #6

Check for Any Leaks in the Ducts

Over time, there is a chance that the ducts might have some leaks or cracks in them. This is not that big of a problem. Though this can be easily replaced or repaired by an air conditioning service in Decatur, you can also fix this on your own.

The solution to this problem is duct tape. Yes, duct tape! A central air conditioning system has two types of ducts: Metal ducts and flexible ducts. In the case of flexible ducts, a hole cannot be repaired and the entire ductwork must be changed. Though flexible ductworks are cheap and can be installed easily, most air conditioning service in Decatur use metal ducts when installing a central AC.

In the case of a hole or crack in the metal duct, wrap the area with duct tape and make it tight. Make sure that you circle the duct with tape at least five times.

Most people do not know this but the copper coils in the outside unit are extremely expensive. There have been cases where the units were stolen, only to be taken apart for selling the parts on the market. Therefore, as a precaution, air conditioning service in Decatur recommends that you lock your outside unit in a grill and chain it so that it does not get stolen.

According to the Air conditioning service in Decatur, tip one and two can be used on all kinds of air conditioning systems. Most of the problems in an AC system are related to the air filter when it gets blocked due to dust. To prevent water from dripping on the place where the condensate line is, keep a bucket underneath to collect the water and use it for your landscape.