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Air Conditioning Repair in Athens: 4 Reasons Why Your Cooling System Is Not Giving Cold Air

Humidity, we hate it. Our shirt sticking to our back because of all the sweat and making us uncomfortable is one of the most annoying things. The only thing we like doing in summers is sitting in our bedroom where the cooling is on full blast. What if, your air conditioning system suddenly stops working? You turn it off and after a few minutes, turn it on again, but nothing happens. You start tinkering with the remote, pressing all the buttons but still the AC does not work.

Before you pick up the phone to call your local mechanic, do you have any idea what the problem is? You might save a lot of time and money on your air conditioning repair in Athens by identifying the cause of the problem. All cooling systems have the same mechanism. Most air conditioner problems revolve around the thermostat or a faulty connection. However, there are some other major problems too, for which you should call an air conditioning repair in Athens.

Below are 4 air conditioning problems that require an air conditioning repair in Athens:

1.    Blocked Grills

This is one of the most common problems. Blocked grills are mostly the result of the filter being covered with dirt. This is a small problem and can be easily solved if you have a small portable vacuum cleaner or blower at home. What you need to do is:

  • Turn of the air conditioning system
  • Remove the outer grill
  • Take down the filter and place it on the ground
  • Turn the vacuum or blower on low and clean the dirt from the filter
  • Use the blower to remove any dust that has attached itself to the fins or coils
  • If you have a dust allergy, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner than a blower

Once the filter is cleaned, place it back and put on the grill. Turn the AC on and you will get cool air. In some cases, there is a chance that your filter is damaged beyond repair. If this happens, you can call an air conditioning repair in Athens as they will save you the time of buying the filter, cleaning the air conditioning system and installing it yourself.

2.    AC is Low on Refrigerant

Although, there are AC refrigerant installation kits available in the market that have detailed instructions on how to charge your AC, it is wise to call an air conditioning repair in Athens. In some cases, the AC starts leaking and loses its refrigerant. When the refrigerant level drops, air does not pass through to the coils, which is why they freeze. The professionals who perform air conditioning repair in Athens charge the AC with refrigerants that work in tandem with your AC, preventing the risk of your coils freezing up again.

3.    Frozen Coils

Whether you have a split air conditioning system or a traditional one, the second most common cause of an air conditioning system not giving cold air are frozen coils. When your room’s inside air does not find a way towards the blower, the coils start freezing, which in turn stops the AC from giving cool air.

This part can be taken care of quite easily if you have a traditional AC system. However, if you have a split AC, you need to call air conditioning repair in Athens.

How to Clean Frozen Coils

Once you are sure that the coils are frozen, you can start the thawing process by turning the AC off. Allow a 24 hours time for the ice to melt. To speed up the process, you can also use a dryer to melt the ice. However, the dryer setting must be on low as high heat can crack the coils. Once the ice is melted, turn the AC on but set it on fan. Let the fan melt the remaining of the ice and allow the coils to return to room temperature.

Cleaning frozen coils can be a messy process and in the case of a split AC, you will need help to take down the compressor. Therefore, rather than risk damaging your system entirely, call an air conditioning repair in Athens.

4.    Outside Fan Has Stopped Working

While the fan in a traditional AC unit can be cleaned with a blower and a piece of cloth, a split AC’s outside fan cleaning process is time consuming. An AC also might stop working when the outside unit gets covered with dirt. It is better to call an air conditioning repair in Athens because this cleaning step requires help. A repair man will do the following things:

  • He will take down the unit and blow the dirt off from the fan
  • Then he will remove the fan and hose the unit with water

The water will remove the dirt stuck in the grills and will clean everything from the inside. Once the unit is clean, he will take the parts apart so that they can properly dry. After that, he will screw back all the parts and advise you to turn the AC on after an hour or two.

What you need to do is turn the AC first on fan so that any remaining water in the unit dries. After fifteen minutes you can turn the thermostat on to enjoy cool air.

Avoiding these problems in the summer is inevitable. The scorching heat can cause damage to the AC’s unit if it is placed under direct sunlight. Though, these are the most common problems of an air conditioning system malfunctioning, there can be other problems too such as a broken AC part. For problems like these, it is necessary to call an air conditioning repair in Athens, because the mechanic will not just fix your AC, he will also give you advice on how to do proper maintenance on your AC. This will save you time, money and the headache of trying to fix an air conditioning system on your own.