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Debunking Some Myths Related to HVAC Systems | Heating and AC Service in Decatur, AL

The hassle with the internet is that not everything you read or hear from different sources is bankable. This fast paced era has made us consuming and creating content at such speeds that it becomes difficult to sift actionable advice from unreliable one.

Today we try to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding our electronic appliances and energy consumption methods maintaining a specific focus on heating and AC in homes and offices in context to the environment in Decatur, AL.

Myth 1: Energy efficiency and energy conversation is the same thing

The oil crisis in the 1970s gave rise to numerous debates involving energy conservation and efficiency. However, the terms were used together so often that sometimes people assume that they refer to the same concept. Even if taken in simple English language the terms have meanings that are poles apart. Energy efficiency refers to appliances that make use of state or the art technology to produce the amount of output of conventional appliances but by using less energy. Energy conservation is a concept that refers to reducing the number of services.

Myth 2: Bringing the thermostat down a couple of notches cools the room faster

A thermostat is supposed to work like a valve that the larger you open it the more heat comes out; however that is not the case. A thermostat is essentially like the switch and once it is on, the degrees it is set doesn’t make much of a difference to the temperature of the room. A working thermostat will consume energy but doesn’t exactly impact the temperature of the air it vents out.

Myth 3: The heating and AC in homes require change of filters only once a year

This is one the biggest misconceptions regarding the filters installed inside the system. Although many people believe another myth related to filters that they help in improving air quality, their primary function is to filter harmful particles from the air being cooled down inside the air conditioning system. Given their function these nets tend to become clogged quite often and therefore need to be replaced nearly every month and not just once a year.

Myth 4: Leaving the ceiling fan on will cool the room even when you’re not home

Ceiling fans are only mediums to circulate air and have nothing to do with cooling the overall temperature of the room. Leaving a ceiling fan on while no one is at home is therefore only hurting your pocket by putting an extra amount on your annual energy bill and in states like Decatur, Alabama even little increase on the monthly bill can translate into a huge check at the end of the year.

Myth 5: Regular maintenance is not important

A working entity irrespective if it is living or non living requires periodic maintenance to prevent it from going out of service before its prescribed life span. Air conditioning service in homes is therefore equally important at regular intervals. Failure to keep a regular check can cause components to wear off and go completely out or order. Air conditioning repair in these cases becomes a costly affair and at the end of the day you spend more than you save.

Myth 6: Closing air vents in rooms not in use saves energy

Decatur, AL is home to warm climates with winds carrying the heat factor too. Modern systems are designed to cater to the inside environment of homes efficiently and distribute the air evenly around the house. Closing off air vents in certain rooms disturbs the balance created by the system giving rise to a temperature difference inside the house. This triggers the thermostat to reconfigure in order to restore the balance of temperature. These fluctuations increase the amount of energy consumed and also the costs of air conditioning service in the long run.

BONUS: A bolted and plugged air conditioning system is safe

This is just a bonus fact thrown in the fray because it is part of the local news headlines. A surge in the prices of copper and the fact that CAT’s manufacturing plant in Decatur, AL is functioning in full swing have resulted in increased number of cases of thefts of air conditioners in the state. Air conditioners have a large number of copper components installed in them because it is an efficient conductor of electricity. Thieves have reportedly made away with multiple air conditioning installations in the Decatur area causing losses of several thousand dollars to consumers. People are now buying steel cages for re-enforced protection of outdoor units of the air conditioners.

This list was compiled to shed light on the fact that what you hear might be very far from reality. The world seems like a big game of Chinese whisper where news start from one source and by the time they end at the final destination it is extremely distorted and poles apart from reality. Heating and air conditioning equipment in homes suffers from similar misleading facts being circulated that cause discomfort and inconvenience to users in the states like Decatur, AL. Keep the above myths in mind when you’re checking up on your HVAC. All the best!