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Kitchen Remodeling

Expert Plumbing Services for Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel is one of the most valuable investments in your home, and provides the greatest satisfaction. You will require various tradesmen for the remodel, including a plumber in Huntsville, AL. Our plumbers provide expertise to any plumbing job, and offer water, drain and gas hookups; moving of plumbing and gas service; repair, installation and maintenance for your long awaited kitchen remodel.A functional and beautiful kitchen remodel takes plumbing into consideration. Here are just a few of the plumbing needs involved in a kitchen remodel that will require a plumber in Huntsville, AL.

Moving Pipes
Rearranging a kitchen to improve its function and flow often involves the relocation of appliances, sinks, gas and water lines. Even raising or lowering the height of kitchen counters will requires water lines and the drain to be replaced. Building code may also require the installation of plumbing ventilation if not present or the replacement of existing pipes with a different material if the existing ones are of an outdated material such as galvanized pipe, for example.

Gas lines and their fittings that are over ten years old should be replaced. Your home and family’s safety is essential and old brass fittings can crack as they age.

Adding Small Appliances and Updates

You may have decided to improve the kitchen’s function with the installation of a tankless water heater, a kitchen garbage disposal or a water filtration system. For these installations, you will need a plumber in Huntsville, AL. Ensure you select a plumber who is experienced, formally trained and licensed to ensure professional and reliable plumbing.

Relocating Appliances
Appliances are frequently moved during a remodel to establish the room’s improved function. This may require the installation of gas lines for a gas stove or a built in oven, a water supply line for the refrigerators ice maker and water dispenser or a dishwasher along with its drain line.

Relocating a Water Heater
A kitchen remodel may involve moving a water heater. Moving or installing a water heaterrequires a plumber in Huntsville, AL, especially if it involves gas lines.

Only professionals with gas safety training and installation should work on your home’s gas lines. A plumber has the latest equipment to test for gas leaks. Handy man Joe will not have the advanced technology or the training a Jackson Plumbing plumber in Huntsville, AL utilizes every day. Only use a gas certified plumber for gas line projects. Your family’s safety depends upon a trained professional with the equipment and the knowledge to properly install and test for gas leaks. Building code also requires the use of a licensed plumber to ensure your safety.

Moving Sinks and Adding Filtration
The installation of a water filtration system may be part of a kitchen remodel. A growing number of family’s elect to install water filtration to ensure clean, safe potable water. An under sink filtration system adds value to your home and helps to keep your family in better health by reducing risks from contaminated drinking water.

Municipal water systems chemically treat water for microorganisms, but this treatment does nothing for sediment, solids, and heavy metals like arsenic or lead, chemicals, pesticides or other toxins. Only water filtration with water softening systems can provide clean, pure water free of contaminants and the minerals that shorten a water heater’s lifespan.

Kitchen remodels also may involve moving the sink, and/or the addition of a second sink for a prep station. In older kitchens lacking them, a kitchen disposal, and/or dishwasher are often added. A Jackson Plumbing plumber in Huntsville, AL offers the professional installation of a kitchen disposal, and will install the new water line and the drain required for a dishwasher.

Building Code
Being observant of building codes is essential in a remodel. A Jackson Plumbing plumber in Huntsville, AL will be up-to-date on the latest code involving a kitchen remodel. Involve your plumber in Huntsville, AL before you begin the remodel. This action can prevent time delays, costly mistakes and code violations.

When you are ready to begin on your dream kitchen and require a plumber in Huntsville, AL, call Jackson Plumbing for plumbers who offer expertise and attention to detail to the professionally executed plumbing aspects of your kitchen remodel.