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5 Tips to Keep Down the Costs of Garbage Disposal Unit Repairs in Huntsville, AL

Garbage disposal unit is a great convenience for homes. The unit keeps bad odor of the garbage from dampening the mood of the residence. However, you must make sure to properly use the system otherwise, you have to call a local plumber in Huntsville, AL for repairs.

While like any mechanical unit, a garbage disposal unit will eventually require repairs, you can keep the costs of hiring a plumbing company in Huntsville, AL to a minimum by following the simple 5 tips mentioned in this article.

1. Avoid Putting Hard Items in the Disposal Unit

The foremost advice to keep down the costs of hiring a local plumber in Huntsville, AL for repairs is that you should avoid putting any hard item in the unit. The reason is that the shredder of the unit will wear out quickly if you dispose of hard objects. Particularly you should avoid putting small hard objects that can get stuck inside and jam the rotating parts of the disposal unit. Some of the hard objects that you should avoid putting in the unit include:

  • Unpopped popcorn kernels
  • Strong vegetable fibers
  • Animal Bones
  • Hard shells from crabs, shrimp, and another type of shellfish

Keep in mind that every garbage disposal unit has a different capacity of grinding down hard objects. Expensive models tend to have a greater capacity of hard objects. You can read the instruction manual to find out the objects that you should not put inside the unit. This will ensure that you don’t have to call a plumbing company in Huntsville, AL often for repairs.

2. Regularly Run the Disposal

You should run the disposal on a regular basis. This is important even if you don’t have anything inside the bin. Regularly running the garbage disposal unit is similar to performing regular exercise to keep the body in good shape.

Every few days, you should turn on the water and run the disposal unit. This is another advice to keep the down the costs of hiring a local plumber in Huntsville, AL. If you don’t run the disposal unit regularly, it can rust, freeze up, and corrode. In addition, any food that is inside the garbage disposal unit will rot causing clogs and bad odors. Also, it will increase the chances of a breakdown thereby requiring you to call a plumbing company in Huntsville, AL.

3. Avoid Disposing Starchy or Fibrous Food Items

Another effective advice to keep down the costs of hiring a local plumber in Huntsville, AL is to avoid disposing of starchy and fibrous food items. You should avoid putting the following items inside the bin:

  • Celery
  • Artichokes
  • Banana peels
  • Corn cobs or husk
  • Peelings of potato
  • Coffee filters
  • Coffee grounds
  • Hard seeds and fruit pits from avocados or peaches
  • Egg shells
  • Onion skins

Putting these food items inside the disposal unit will lead to stubborn clogs. The starches get thick and the fibers get tangled resulting in drain blockages. In this way, you can avoid having to frequently call a plumbing company in Huntsville, AL for repairs thereby saving you money in the long run.

3. Use Cold Water

Running cold water is recommended when using the garbage disposal. Avoid running hot water if you want to minimize the costs of hiring a local plumber in Huntsville, AL. The reason is that hot water can melt the food that is being ground by the disposal unit that can cling to the sides. On the other hand, cold water can harden the food that will make it easier for the disposal unit to grind the food.

Also, you should consider throwing ice down the disposal unit occasionally. The ice will knock off any debris that is stuck at the edges of the shredders. This ensures that the shredders work properly in grinding the food. For best results, you should make ice cubes from vinegar or pure lemon juice.

4. Run the Disposal Longer

Once the disposal unit has finished grinding the waste, you should consider keeping the unit and the water running for about a minute. In this way, all the food items will be flushed out of the drain pipe that will prevent drain blockages. You can also consider running a little dish soap after the disposal has finished grinding the food to ensure that nothing is left behind that may clog the unit.

5. Regularly Clean the Unit

Another great advice to ensure proper functioning of the disposal unit is to regularly clean the unit. You should call a plumbing company in Huntsville, AL for cleaning the unit. A professional plumber can clean the inner side of the rubber by wiping with a paper towel. The rubber is located at the center of the sink that leads to the disposal unit. It gets dirty and gives off an odor if it is not cleaned.

Also, consider disposing citrus rind or orange peels inside the unit to ensure that it smells nice. However, you must make sure to cut them into small slices so that they do not jam the disposal unit. You can also dispose of pieces of citrus fruit that are too old to consume but are not totally spoiled. Consider putting the old pieces of citrus fruits in the freezer to dispose of them later.

Following the tips mentioned here will ensure that the garbage disposal unit does not break down frequently. However, when the disposal unit does require repair, you should only let a professional work on the unit. If you reside in Arizona, you can contact Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for installation and repairs of a garbage disposal unit.