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6 Problems Related To Toilet Flush, Which Can Be Easily Solved By an Emergency Plumber in Madison

A backed up or leaking toilet makes one of the nastiest messes. The smell alone is enough that you hate going to the bathroom and when you do, you hold your breath for as long as you can. Houses that were built after the year 2005 mostly have toilets that save water and have a modern flush system. However, toilets that were built in the 90’s have a flushing system that involves a floating ball, which allows water to enter the bowl for a proper flush.

Repairing a toilet or unclogging the bowl on your own is not that hard. However, in most cases, to save themselves from the mess, people call an emergency plumber in Madison. Below are six toilet problems related to clogging and low flush:

1.    The Toilet Has a Slow Flush

As mentioned above, the 90’s toilets usually develop a low flush with time. The problem here arises when you try to flush and the bowl does not empty completely. When it does, it takes a long time. Another problem, which can cause this, is that the jet holes under the bowl’s rim might be blocked. This can be easily cleaned by poking the hole with a wooden stick that will push the gunk back towards the drain line.

An emergency plumber in Madison usually does this job by pouring muriatic acid and water through a funnel, down the tank’s overflow tube. The acid reacts with solid particles stuck in the hole and a fizzing sound is heard. A thirty minute window is given to the acid so that any solid particles stuck in the hole get dissolved then, the toilet is flushed. This does not hurt the tank or the toilet at all. However, it is recommended that you do not perform this on your own and instead call an emergency plumber in Madison.

2.    Low Water Level In the Bowl

This is another problem that is related to something blocking the toilet’s drainage. However, in this case, the water level drops so low that the tank is unable to provide water for the flush. This is usually caused by tissue papers that get stuck in the toilet’s colon. If this happens to your toilet, you can identify the real cause behind it by doing the following:

  • Empty the toilet boil completely of the water
  • Grab a mirror and a flashlight
  • Hold the mirror inside the bowl facing the tank and shine the light towards that direction
  • You can easily see if anything is stuck in the hole or not

In this case, it is necessary to call an emergency plumber in Madison because this problem requires the toilet bowl to be replaced.

3.    The Toilet Flush Is Fast But Does a Partial Flush

Observe the flapper when you flush the toilet. The flapper must stay up until at least 80% of the water has flushed. If the flapper settles down immediately, then the connection of the flapper from inside the tank is broken. The flapper is connected to the float ball with a chain or a wire that moves up and down during a flush. If this chain gets broken, the toilet will overflow after a few flushes. All you need to do is visit the nearest Home Depot and by a new flapper.

4.    Sluggish Flush

A sluggish flush may or may not be related to a clogged drain. This can be easily identified by doing the following:

  • Fill a small bucket with water
  • Pour the water, all at once into the bowl

If the water is flushed vigorously, then chances are that something was stuck in the toilet’s colon. If the bowl fills with water and then slowly drains, your toilet is clogged with feces. This job requires a professional hand of an emergency plumber in Madison. The plumber will check the pipeline and unclog the drain with cleaners or a snake.

5.    Phantom Flusher

The phantom flush is a situation when the toilet fills with water as if it was just flushed. The reason behind this is a leaking tank. This happens because the flapper does not fall down into its original position. It also might be that the chain connecting the flapper or the tank bowl has broken. This problem can be easily identified by doing the dye test. Take any dye color and add a drop to the tank. If the tank starts leaking, colored water will fall into the bowl without flushing. In the case of the chain being broken, the flapper can be replaced. However, if the bowl is broken, a plumber must be called to install a new toilet.

6.    Dripping Tank

After you flush, the toilet’s tank fills up and suddenly, you hear a dripping sound. After a few minutes, the tank is partially filled and the dripping sound can still be heard. This is usually caused due to the flexible tube that drops down into the overflow tube.

The overflow tube fills the tank with new water after a flush. When the tube falls into the overflow tube, it siphons water from the tank hence, the irregular filling of the tank. This problem can be solved by shortening the tube hanging above the overflow tube. Instead of doing this yourself, it is better to hire an emergency plumber in Madison because if you cut the tube too short, you will be left with an overflowing tank.

The job of an emergency plumber in Madison is to offer plumbing services 24/7. Whether your toilet is making dripping noises or the drain is blocked, as soon as you identify the problem, you must call an emergency plumber in Madison to get it fixed immediately. While you can easily replace the small things such as the flapper or the float ball, it is necessary to call an emergency plumber in Madison when the above problems occur. DIY’ing your way out of this, just to save money, can cost you even more because you might end up with flooding your bathroom or maybe, even your house.