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9 Simple Tips to Prevent Clogged Drains, Athens, AL

A clogged drain is a huge inconvenience that is a costly and time-consuming to deal with. Moreover, the obnoxious smell that tends to come out of a clogged drain is certainly a great headache. Once a drain has become clogged, the house owner has little option other than to call an emergency plumber in Athens, AL. Depending on the extent of the damage, the time and cost involved in the drain cleaning service in Athens, AL can cause great financial strain.

Fortunately, most of the drain problems can be avoided by taking a few simple measures. In this article, we will reveal 9 tips that can help minimize the chances of a drain clog that would require the services of an emergency plumber in Athens, AL.

1. Use Drain Strainer to Catch Food Scraps

Using the drain strainer is recommended if you want to minimize the need for a costly drain cleaning service in Athens, AL. The drain strainers can catch food scraps that could clog the drain. The little extra effort in buying a strainer for the kitchen sink will save you the cost of hiring an emergency plumber in Athens, AL to unclog the drain.

2. Avoid Pouring Oil and Grease

You should avoid pouring oil or grease down the drain. The reason is that they tend to stick to the pipes that would require drain cleaning service in Athens, AL. Instead, you should pour sticky food items in the trash can. This simple tip can greatly reduce the need for calling an emergency plumber in Athens, AL.

3. Pour Boiling Water Down the Drain

Another advice to reduce the need for a drain cleaning service in Athens, AL is to pour boiling water down the sink. Consider pouring hot water down the sink at least once a week. The boiling water will melt any grease and fat deposited inside the pipe. This will also minimize the need of an emergency plumber in Athens, AL to clean the drain. Just make sure to pour the hot water slowly in order to prevent splashing.

4. Use Drain Screens on the Drains

You should also consider using drain screens on the drains in the bathroom. You can buy a drain screen from your local hardware store. Just make sure that the screen will fit over the drain opening. Putting a screen on the drain will prevent hair, soap scrum and other items that can clog the drain. Just consider cleaning the screen drain on a regular basis as it can slow the drainage.

5. Avoid Tossing Thick Paper Products

Avoid tossing thick paper products such as paper towels and thick toilet paper down the toilet drain. This will not just clog your house drain but the entire sewer system in your area. The paper can accumulate inside the drain thereby requiring costly drain cleaning service. To save the cost, you should simply stop throwing any paper product down the drain.

6. Install Lint Catcher on the Washing Machine Hose

Do you have a lint catcher installed in your home? If not, you are lucky if your washing machine drain has not clogged. When you don’t install a lint catcher, lint, as well as facial tissue and bits of fabric, can sneak through the hose of the washing machine and clog the hose. Installing a lint catcher on the washing machine hose will prevent the problem.

You can purchase lint traps at local hardware stores and home centers. In order to save cost, you can also use lint traps for the washing machine discharge hose. You should regularly check the lint catcher and clean it when full.

7. Avoid Rinsing Grout, Cement or Any Joint Setting Compound

You should never rinse any setting type joint compound that hardens due to chemical reaction. The compound will stick under water and clog the drain. Sand is another item that is bad for the drain. It can settle quickly inside the drain pipe and traps resulting in a clog.

Consider disposing of sand, grout, mortar mix, concrete, cement, and other joint setting compounds in a safe manner. You should put them in a container and they dump the container in the garbage can. This little effort on your part will help prevent costly services of drain cleaning.

8. Keep the Area Around the Exterior Drain Clean

You should always make it a habit to clean the area around the exterior drain pipes. Leaves and twigs that enter the drain can result in a clog. Also, the tree roots can penetrate through the clay tile joints that can result in a clog. You can avoid these problems by simply ensuring that the area around the drain pipes is clear of any potential items that can clog the drain.

9. Avoid Using Strong Drain Cleaners

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not use cleaners that contain strong chemicals. Not all the drain cleaning brands are safe for your drain. Using a cleaner bought from the store may seem like a quick solution for the clogged drain. It may even seem to you that you are saving costs in not calling a professional drain cleaning service in Athens, AL to do the job. However, the fact is that it may cost you a lot in the long run. The strong cleaners can erode old cast-iron or copper pipes. They can erode the interior of the pipes and eventually you may have to replace the entire drain pipe.

That’s why for cleaning the drain, it’s recommended that you let a professional drain cleaning service in Athens, AL handle the task. The professional plumber knows about the best cleaner for the drain pipe that won’t do any damage to the pipes.

Do you want to get in touch with a professional, licensed, and experienced plumber in Athens, AL? If so, you can contact Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.