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Every Step Matters – Kitchen Sink Installation by a Professional Plumber in Athens, AL

The kitchen sink is one of the most basic and yet the most overlooked fixture in a home. Do you know that on an average, family members turn on a sink tap for more than 40 times in a day? This means that your kitchen sinks are doing a great deal of work!

Among the common kitchen sinks, the stainless steel sink lasts 15 to 30 years whereas a porcelain sink comes with a lifespan of 25–30 years. This clearly means that installation of a kitchen sink is not a frequent task, but happens once in several years.

Speaking of installation, people usually wish to attempt kitchen sink installation by themselves without taking the assistance of a plumbing service in Athens, AL. But what most people don’t pay much attention to is the fact, that nowadays, the appliances industry is full of reoccurring changes in techniques, methodology, and upgradation. Therefore, the best and most convenient option is NOT to take up the task as a DIY project but to hire a professional plumber in Athens, AL.

This is important for two basic reasons. First, a layperson is unaware of the technicalities and complexities involved in installing a kitchen sink, which is why it is extremely important to hire a professional plumber in Athens, AL.

Secondly, it is a common observation that when people attempt to install a kitchen sink (without seeking professional plumbing service in Athens, AL), they are left with a new kitchen sink that doesn’t work the way it should, once the installation is complete. Moreover, sometimes, self installation also becomes the source of damage to the fixture’s exterior.

Hence, with this thoughtful attempt of saving money by installing a kitchen sink themselves, most people end up paying more amount of money for its Installation + Repair than would have occurred initially, when hiring a profession plumber in Athens, AL.

Smart Steps of Kitchen Sink Installation by a Professional Plumber in Athens, AL

Here are the major steps that must be followed accurately for kitchen sink installation. This is to avoid the repairs and maintenance costs in the near future.

Also, this will help you understand the expertise and tools required by plumbers in Athens, AL, while carrying out the installation process professionally.


Removing the old sink as done by a professional plumber:

In order to remove the already installed sink in the kitchen:

  • The first step is to disconnect the lines of water supply from the valves and this is done with the help of an adjustable wrench. In other words, close the shut-off valves (both hot and cold) under the sink.
  • Once the water connections are closed, it’s time for the drain pipe. Disconnect or loosen up the trap (using pliers) right from the drain pipe of the sink. This will allow the sink to rise up from its spot in the counter.
  • In addition to the previous step, we are not done yet. The thing that is holding the sink is the series of screws right under the countertop that need to be removed.
  • Now it’s time to push up the sink. However, if the countertop is laminated and has a rim around the sink, pushing it up directly will destroy the countertop. Therefore, the best way is to put the putty knife underneath the rim and try to release the sink from there.
  • Once the sink’s bond is broken with the countertop, it’s time to unplug the disposer and detach the sink from the countertop.

Installing the new sink as done by a professional plumber:

A professional plumber in Athens, AL follows these steps in order to install a new sink correctly.

  • It’s time to secure the sink deck to the new faucet by screwing and locking the nut into the new sink.
  • Connect the faucet with the spray hose by slipping the counterweight. Remove the trap (garbage disposer) and cut out the old PVC standpipe.
  • Use a rubber cap to seal the existing drainpipe. Place the new sink and tighten the mountain clip using the screwdriver.
  • It’s time to connect the water supply with the shut off valve (both hot and cold). Put the throat fitting of the garbage disposer down into the drain holes. Also, lock the ring to it by using two adapters.
  • Push up the disposer (after removing the knockout plug) onto the ring lock
  • From the sink trap to the tailpiece, run a PVC pipeline, and trim the pipe accordingly. Also, install the T-fitting.
  • Through compression fitting, connect the T-fitting with the drainpipe. Also, connect the disposer port with the discharge hose of the dishwater.
  • Switch in the power cord of the disposer followed by opening of the shut-off valves. (both hot and cold water)


By following these steps (or some variations as per the requirements) by a professional plumber in Athens, AL, your kitchen sink installation process can be done in just half an hour.

However, if you are still thinking about getting the installation done on your own, then make sure you have a plan B in case of a blocked water supply line, wrong connections and improper placement of the sink (that might cause exterior damage to the new sink as well).

It is always best to leave the kitchen sink installation to the professionals. A layperson cannot be expected to install a kitchen sink without making severe and unrecoverable mistakes.

Think of it this way, would you be able to handle this issue at the time of installing a kitchen sink by yourself? Or would you consider handing over the newly bought kitchen sink to a professional plumber in Athens, AL to handle it the way, it deserves to be?

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