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Plumbing Improvements for Your Decatur or Hartselle, AL Home: Innovative Plumbing Products

Innovative plumbing technologies are not limited to LED lights illuminating toilet bowls, smart dishwashers, or touchless faucets and toilets. Innovation sometimes also comes in small, often unexciting, packages that, nonetheless, can impact the homeowner.

In this post we look at plumbing fittings, anti-siphon, freeze-proof sillcocks, clamps, seal tape, and other oddities that you can use in caring for the home’s plumbing. This information is presented to give homeowners a basic understanding of available innovative plumbing products as they consider service, repair, and upgrades while working with a Decatur or Hartselle, AL plumber or plumbing contractor.

Push-fit Fittings 

Push-fit fittings are installation products used to connect different plumbing pipes together to form a solid piece of piping.

In the old days, plumbers soldered, glued, or used another less-convenient connection method for proper fitting. With push-fit fittings, connecting two pipes is much, much easier for both the Decatur or Hartselle, AL plumbing professional and homeowners who want to attempt repairs themselves. A simple push of the piping into its corresponding size on a push-fit fitting allows for a tight, secure, and properly connected component.

Flood Stop Technology

Water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, toilets and a few other items place some areas of the home at risk for costly water damage if something goes wrong. Today an electronic flooding detection system can be installed in these locations. If something goes wrong and the device detects water on the floor, it shuts off the water supply to that area.

You may not want to put them everywhere in your home. In some cases, it’s possible to identify the areas most at risk and install them there.

Repair Clamp

Clamps have been around since the advent of indoor plumbing, but these repair clamps are designed to lock in and hold the pressure and components of a broken or leaking pipe.

These repair clamps are pulled around the pipe and securely tightened using various methods, usually bolts. This allows for easy and quick adjustments instead of having to re-pipe the damaged area. The repair clamp is cost and time effective and often used by Decatur or Hartselle, AL plumbers, although these are not considered long-term solutions for damaged pipes.

Kinetic Water Ram

This just sounds like fun to use, doesn’t it?

A kinetic water ram uses kinetic energy to send compressed air through the plumbing system to break up a stoppage. It can be used with sinks, toilets, and even tubs to quickly and cleanly get rid of basic clogs and build up. Pump, place, and snap the trigger to release a force of kinetic energy to unclog the clog. Cool.

Be careful, of course, if you face a particularly challenging clog or stoppage. As with any solution, you do not want to force it or you may cause further damage. If unsure, use a Decatur or Hartselle, AL plumber. Better careful than sorry.

Leak-seal Tape

Leak-seal tape is used ‘round the globe for quick fixes on a variety of different products. Next to duct tape, leak-seal tape is probably the handiest to have around because it provides a moisture and chemical resistance barrier to the product while adding corrosion protection.

Leak-seal tape is perfect for everyday fixes such as leaking pipes, faltered hoses, even exposed electrical wires. It should have a spot in your toolbox next to the duct tape. If used on a leaky pipe, understand that the tape is a temporary fix and leaks should always, always be addressed — usually by a professional — before further damage occurs.

Anti-siphon Freeze-proof Sillcocks

Anti-siphon freeze-proof sillcocks used to be installed annually due to frigid weather conditions that caused breaks and cracks in equipment.

This inconvenience eventually led to the invention of frost proof anti-siphon sillcock faucets used today to prevent the water line from freezing in the winter, along with restricting unsanitary water from contaminating the system. This little plumbing miracle helps homeowners avoid costly repairs, especially those living “up north” and in cold weather.

Anti-siphon freeze-proof sillcocks are relatively inexpensive, ranging from $20 to $100 to install, and most homeowners can install themselves, depending on circumstances. If the existing equipment and pipes are older and the access is difficult, consider using a Decatur or Hartselle, AL plumber. He’ll probably install it much faster than you and with no did-I-do-it-right worry afterwards.

Electric Pipe Heating Cables

Electric pipe heating cables are used during the cold months where piping in a plumbing system is expected to freeze. The cables wrap around a pipe and turn on using electricity to provide the piping with a freeze-proof resistance.

If a home’s pipes are not winterized prior to the first freeze, especially “up north” and in colder climates, pipes can freeze and eventually burst, causing the homeowner to emergency-call a Decatur or Hartselle, AL plumber. That’s a lot of inconvenience, not to mention additional cost.

Less Invasive Pipe Repairs

Pipe replacement has traditionally been expensive and difficult. If the leak was under a foundation slab or behind walls, the only solution was tear out the old pipes and install new. Today many of these problems can be resolved with a new technology that repairs the pipes in place.

In a multistep process, the interior of the pipes is cleaned with abrasive blasting. Afterward the inside of the pipes is coated with an epoxy resin that seals and stops leaks.

Another new technology actually allows replacement of pipes under the concrete in a home without trenching or tearing up flooring. Not all plumbing companies offer these services, so you will want to check with a Decatur or Hartselle, AL plumber or plumbing contractor. But it’s pretty cool tech: A technician uses trenchless technology and equipment to create a tunnel where the pipe needs to go. It can be far less expensive and far more convenient than older methods.