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Reasons for Which You Should Contact a Drain Cleaning Service in Madison, AL

A clogged drain every once in a while is not something to be scared of. Clogged drains are one of the most common inconveniences which people can experience. However, a properly working drain is just one of the little things which we have all grown accustomed to over the years. Even though it is quite possible for many drainage problems to be solved without professional help, there are some cases in which it is absolutely necessary to contact a drain cleaning service in Madison, AL.

There are a number of reasons for which you might need to contact an emergency plumber in Madison, AL for your clogged drains. We have compiled a list of some of these reasons below:

Oil and Grease Buildup in the Drain

Most people do not realize that disposing used oil or grease by pouring it down your drains can cause a variety of problems. When oil or grease is discarded in drains, it can not only get stuck on the walls of the drainage pipe, but it is also possible for this sticky substance to block the passage of other easily drainable items like food scraps.

Then, this problem can only be solved by the assistance of an emergency plumber in Madison, AL. If you have a habit of pouring oil or grease down your drains, it is recommended that you stop immediately and contact a drain cleaning service in Madison, AL to have your drains checked to prevent any inconvenience in the future.

Using Strong Drain Cleaners

As ironic as it may sound, using certain strong drain cleaners may require you to contact an emergency plumber in Madison, AL. Often, people are influenced by the way in which these products are advertised. Generally, these products are marketed as the cheapest and most effective products which are available to clean your drains. In most cases, however, these products are only cheap because they are a bizarre concoction of random chemicals which are extremely dangerous to your pipes.

If used repeatedly, these products can cause great damage to your drainage system. The chemicals in these products can erode old cast iron or copper pipes. When this happens, it is crucial for you to contact a drain cleaning service in Madison, AL as the damaged pipes can be extremely problematic in the future.

Avoiding the Use of Lint Catchers, Drain Screens and Drain Strainers

Some of the most readily available products at hardware stores are lint catchers, drain strainers, and drain screens. Even though clogged drains are almost inevitable at times, these products are extremely effective in decreasing the frequency at which your drains are clogged. Most people, however, avoid the use of these products which is why they end up having clogged drains.

The worst part about avoiding the use of strainers and screens for your drain is that often, the contaminants slowly and gradually pile up in your drain without you noticing that something is wrong. When you do notice that your drains are no longer working at their full potential, it is too late, since there is already too much piled up inside your drains for you to be able to unclog them using simply a household plunger.

If your drains are full of lint and scraps of all types and sizes and nothing you try at home seems to work, it is essential that you contact a drain cleaning service in Madison, AL to unclog your drains. An emergency plumber in Madison, AL, will have years of experience with clogged drains due to the nature of their job. Apart from the expertise and professional knowledge, an emergency plumber in Madison, AL will also know the most effective techniques which can be applied to clean your drains efficiently in the least amount of time.

Multiple clogged drains

If you notice that more than one drain in your house has become clogged simultaneously, you might want to contact a drain cleaning service in Madison, AL. It is quite likely that the problem resides in your main drainage line when you have multiple drains clogged at the same time. If this is the case, merely using products from the supermarket such as cleaners and plungers may not suffice.

When you face multiple clogged drains due to a problem in the main drain line, the issue is often far deeper than you can imagine. If you attempt to unclog your main drain line by yourself, chances are that you will not understand where the problem lies due to lack of experience and knowledge regarding plumbing. It is, therefore, imperative for you to request the services of an emergency plumber at a time like this.

A professional emergency plumber will be equipped with all of the right tools to deal with the problem, and will be able to repair and unclog your drains in the most effective manner possible—that too, in the least amount of time.

Recurring clogged drains

Everyone is guilty of attempting to unclog their drains at home using conventional techniques like exerting all of your energy on a plunger, or forcing a pan of boiling hot water down your drains. It is, however, a good idea to contact an emergency plumber if you have to face these problems more often than you should.

It is possible that the problem of recurring clogged drains is caused by an underlying issue which is not being solved using traditional techniques.

Foul odors near your bathroom or kitchen drains are also another indication that there is a problem which requires the attention of an emergency plumber.

If you noticed any of these problems in your house or office, request an emergency plumber in Madison, AL through Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling to take care of your clogged drains.