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Signs that Indicate That You are in Need of a Drain Cleaning Service in Athens, AL

Are you having some problems with your drains? You might be getting frustrated with that entire racket that it’s creating. Not to mention any spillages that are causing your house’s integrity and your family further harm. Luckily a drain cleaning service in Athens, AL will help you clear any problems straight up!

There are certain reasons that signs that you should be wary of that should tell you if your drains are in need of a drain cleaning service in Athens, AL. There can be some back-ups or unwanted flooding that may occur in certain areas in your home. Not clearing out obstacles in your home may also warrant these flooding and backups.

There might be an awful smell of refuse throughout the house that makes you physically gag at even a small whiff. The culprit may be anyone of your drains that is vomiting it out of one of the several openings.

There are many signs that show if you need a drain cleaning service in Athens, AL. Here are six of them.

1.    A noisy garbage disposal

Usually a garbage disposal makes very little noise. It goes about keeping your home clean and fresh by chopping up the waste and letting it go into the drain without it getting clogged up. If there is any obstacle in the garbage disposal that is refusing to budge, it may be causing the noise you are hearing.

The garbage disposal has many sharp blades used to chop your waste before letting it flow through your drains. If these blades are jammed and are having some difficulty turning, it definitely mean’s you have drainage troubles.

“You know what really grinds my gears?” Yes, grinding gears are also something that you don’t want; they can cause a horrible smell of the grinding metal gear components. Any blockages in the garbage drain that are stuck and refusing to move can be the culprit of the noise.

We would advise against clearing it out yourself as you can severely injure yourself. You should contact a drain cleaning service in Athens, AL to get the job done.

2.    Extremely slow drains

Slow water drainage is a sure-fire sign of drainage trouble. If you notice that the water in your kitchen or bathroom sink takes its sweet time to drain, it may mean that your drainage pipes are blocked. Your bathtub may also be facing the same issue, which could indicate a blockage at a position after the sink and bathtub drains meet up.

There can be an even simpler and common culprit at play here. If you have been living in the house for a long time, there could be months or even years of buildup of soap and suds, sediment, grease and even hair that could be clogging the drains. These blocking materials do not give water a proper path to flow, thus causing slower drains.

If this blockage is in your tub, and you take a bath, water will gather at your feet, and you may be at a risk of slipping and injuring yourself while you bathe. Contact a drain cleaning service in Athens, AL to get the drain fixed as soon as you can.

3.    A total clog of your drains.

This is definitely one thing that you have to be careful of. A complete and total clog of your drain might mean that any central pipe that drains away the water from your house may be blocked with sediment and grease. In worst case scenarios there might even be a small animal such as a rodent, stuck in the pipes.

If a rodent is stuck in there, you need to contact a drain cleaning service in Athens, AL ASAP. This is because the longer you leave that poor, lifeless and very much dead and rotting carcass there, the worse the situation might get. Flooding might occur mixed with rot and decay. Bacteria and infections from the filthy water is definitely something that you should not rule out.

A professional drain cleaning service in Athens, AL will be able to get through to the root cause of your completely blocked pipes, whatever it may be.

4.    “What’s that God-Awful smell?”

If you hear yourself or a family member saying this every time you or they pass through your kitchen or any of the bathrooms, you should know that something may be rotting or decaying inside your pipes. We already discussed the possibility of a dead and rotting animal in the pipes, but it may be other “organic” matter.

The vegetable and meat that you might have thrown away a week or a month back may not have gone through the drain.  It may still be stuck there gathering bacteria and even mold. Rot and decay aside, mold is a serious threat to the health of a household’s family members, especially kids and elders.

Therefore, if you notice a foul odor, your may need to contact a local plumber or a drain cleaning service in Athens, AL. They will get rid of the obstruction, deodorize the sink and pipes and even sterilize it so you don’t face any health problems later on. It may also be a good idea to have an automatic garbage disposal installed if you don’t have one.

5.    The Pipes: They’re a Rumbling

A strange sound in the house is never pleasant. It may even be scary. You may have a burglar hiding out somewhere, or it may just be the pipes. Either one is not good. In some extreme cases, the sound seems as though the whole plumbing system will come tumbling down at any given moment.

Taking notice of such a sound as knocking near the basement where the drains might lead out means, you’re alert. The next step should be to contact your local plumber in Athens, AL.

Time to call in the cavalry

If you notice any of these signs in your house, call in the cavalry in the form of a drain cleaning service in Athens, AL. Jackson Plumbing Heating and Cooling is available to address your needs in Athens, AL. We have certified and professional plumbers and drain cleaning services that use the appropriate tools to get rid of those clogged pipes in a jiffy. After that, the drain will return to normal in no time.