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Signs That You Need a Plumber in Huntsville, AL

A leak in the plumbing system at the office or at home, is something that nearly everyone living in Huntsville, AL, has faced at one point in their life. The worst part about leaks in plumbing systems is that if they are not repaired immediately, the damages can increase at an alarming rate. Plumbing membranes are generally weakened by even the slightest damages very easily. It is, therefore, imperative that you hire a plumber in Huntsville, AL in case you have any problems with your plumbing membrane or plumbing system.

Since plumbing leakages and damages can be of varying degrees and are often hard to pinpoint, it is crucial to hire a plumber in Huntsville, AL. Plumbers can not only help in emergency situations with repairs of damages and leaks, but they can also help with the regularly required maintenance of your pipes and drains.

Hiring a plumber in Huntsville, AL, however, can be a challenge in itself. It is extremely difficult to find a plumber who offers quality services. Most people who claim to offer an excellent plumbing service in Huntsville, AL are found using outdated techniques.

There have been countless breakthroughs in the plumbing industry, but since most plumbers refuse to use them due to lack of knowledge, their repairs often end up taking much longer than they would if new and improved techniques were used. Naturally, these plumbers then also charge more because of the time and effort which they had to put in, even though this could have easily been avoided using modern techniques. Upgrades were designed keeping the modern needs and requirements of people in mind, which is why being aware with their working is essential for any plumber in Huntsville, AL.

Plumbing problems and emergencies can be of a large number of types, each with their own intensities and severities. There are, however, a few signs which indicate a plumbing problem. If you notice any of the following issues in your home or office building, it is important to contact a plumbing service in Huntsville, AL immediately to prevent any further inconveniences.

Damp or Discolored Walls

Damp or discolored walls are almost always an indication of a problem which will require professional help from a plumbing service in Huntsville, AL. Whenever you see that the paint on your walls is peeling off, or that your walls are becoming damp at certain spots, this means that water is accumulating in your walls.

Accumulated water can cause a number of further problems. When water gathers in your walls for long enough, it can even cause the structure to weaken. In some cases, it is even possible for accumulated water to make the wall or building collapse. To prevent these problems, it is crucial to contact a plumber in Huntsville, AL as soon as you detect any discoloration in your walls or if you feel like something doesn’t seem right.

Another way in which you can detect leakages in the pipes in your walls is by pressing your hand against the wall. If the wall seems cold or damp, this means that there might be a leakage in your walls which you should get checked immediately by a plumber in Huntsville, AL.

Mold on walls

If the dampness or discoloration of your walls went unnoticed, often, the next thing which is quick to follow is the appearance of mold on your walls. Mold on walls is generally an indication of the fact that water has been accumulated for far too long. When you notice mold on your walls, it is essential that you contact a plumbing service in Huntsville, AL at your earliest as the leakages in your wall have most likely become dangerous.

Odd smells in your bathrooms or kitchen

Pipe leakages and plumbing emergencies most often occur in your kitchens and bathrooms. Even though most plumbing problems can be seen in the form of leakages or damp and discolored walls, it is possible for you to notice plumbing problems in other ways. In case you detect bad smells in your home, specifically near the drains of your bathroom or kitchen, this could be an indication of a plumbing problem.

Smells caused by plumbing problems should not be disregarded as simply an inconvenience as they could be an indication of an underlying problem. In most cases, bad smells are caused by accumulated water due to leaking pipes. If these problems are not solved by a plumbing service in Huntsville, AL, it is possible for the situation to become aggravated. Not only can delaying the repairs pose health and safety concerns, but repairs done at a later time may involve even more complications, and require more time and effort than it would, if immediate attention was given to the issue.


Flooding is often dangerous and a problem for which you should contact a plumber in Huntsville, AL immediately. Standing water can prove to be detrimental to the structure of the house. Most often, flooding can be detected by dampness in the yard or lawn. It is extremely important to contact a plumbing service in Huntsville, AL to tackle the issue of standing water immediately as still water can even become breeding grounds for insects and bacteria.

Problems with toilets

A clogged toilet is a problem which most people do not take seriously because it is a common occurrence. It is, however, imperative to contact a professional plumber if the tried and tested techniques for unclogging your toilet do not work. Clogged toilets can potentially be a serious problem and dirty water can pose great risks to your health and safety if not disposed of properly.


Since there are often plenty of complications involved in plumbing, repairs are not something which you should attempt at home if you do not have the proper knowledge or experience. It is, therefore, crucial to contact a plumber if you experience any situations which require immediate attention.

If you noticed any of the above problems at your home or office, contact a professional plumber immediately at Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.