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Dealing with Emergency Plumbing Situations in Decatur, AL

Decatur, one of the largest cities of Alabama, also referred to as “The River City” has grown over the past years and now has the busiest river port. According to the EPA (Environment Protection Agency), the drinking water in Decatur contains some unwanted minerals and chemicals. These minerals are not only known to afflict harmful effects on human health but are also known to damage the plumbing system and water pipelines. You can install a water filtration system to protect your health from these minerals but what can you do to protect the health of your plumbing system? And this is not the only damage your plumbing system is prone to. Decatur faces harsh weather conditions as well. These issues, along with other natural conditions cause your plumbing system and water lines severe damage, which overtime result in emergency plumbing situations.

Here is a guide to help you identify all the emergency plumbing situations that might arise; So that you know what steps should be taken in order to get you plumbing system running once again.

Assess the Problem

Firstly you will have to determine whether the arisen issue can wait or not. If the emergency ever arises in the middle of the night and you end up considering it as a problem that can be dealt with later it will only cause more damage to your house. Even though, emergency plumbing services may be expensive than regular services, but if the damage is not resolved at its earliest, it will only result in adding more expense to your pocket by extensively damaging your house’s structure. Some of the most common emergency situations to call your plumber in Decatur, AL are as under

Pipe bursts and Leaks

Leaking or burst water lines need to be repaired or replaced. This issue requires special tools and professional skills in order to be fixed correctly. Thus doing it yourself is never an option. As the temperature in winters in Decatur can fall as low as 1-5⁰C you might face pipe burst due to cold temperature. Or it may arise because contaminants and harmful minerals in the water have caused your pipe line to deteriorate. Either way, pipe bursts are an emergency situation that requires urgent attention to avoid water damages. It is therefore necessary to turn off the valve to your water supply and call your plumber in Decatur, AL. Until the plumber reaches your doorstep you may temporarily stop the rushing water by stuffing towels or other clothes in the burst area.

Sewer Lines Breaking

Breaking of sewer lines is the most undesirable issue people face. If the sewer line of your house breaks it is the top priority emergency issue to deal with. If you don’t take any step as soon as possible it will only result in letting the waste leak out. And if that ever happens it will be a messy situation to deal with. Since the sewer waste can cause health issues you will have to call your plumber in Decatur as soon as possible.


Clogs are built up in the pipelines when materials get stuck in them or minerals accumulate over time and hinder the flow of water. Even though clogs are usually found out before they completely stop the water flow of your pipe line but there are times when they sneak up on you and when you realize that water is not getting drained, it’s too late. Under serious clogged conditions, the water may even overflow when you try to flush the toilet. So, it a good idea that whenever you fell your pipe lines have clogs in them call your plumber in Decatur, AL on top priority basis to not let the problem intensify with the passage of time.

Gas Leaks

Some people might overlook a gas leak and don’t give this problem the attention it should be given but it should be necessarily treated as an emergency situation. If you ever smell the slightest odor of gas after every gas valve or stove is off you need to call your Decatur plumber in your house to get it inspected. Plumbers in Decatur, AL have expertise in dealing with gas leaks as well so they will be able to inspect your gas pipes correctly and deal accordingly.

Wet Yard

If you ever observe wet spots in your yard, this is an indication that your main water supply line has burst and is leaking the water resulting in the spots in your yard. If there is a foul odor to these wet spots as well then you might have a leakage in your sewage line. Whatever the problem may be, these issues require a plumber urgently.

Your water or sewer line may require a major repairing done or even their full replacement. If these issues are left unattended they will result in damaging the basic construction of your house. For resolving it’s best to call your plumber in Decatur on an urgent basis.

Checking the Water Spigots

If you observe water dripping even after turning off your faucet completely, it might be an indication that your plumbing system has an internal leak arisen possibly because of the freezing temperature. The supply pipe leading to hose bib might also have suffered damage. If this indeed is the issue, it may result in water leakage into the walls of your house or to its basement. So if you have not ever faced leaking faucets before and the issue has arisen suddenly in the winters it is best to call your plumber in Decatur, AL for inspection.

Broken Water Heater

The temperature outside has dropped below 10 Celsius and coincidently your water heater get broken. If your water heater is not working at the time of its dire need, this calls in plumbing emergency. Even if it is not too much cold you never know when the climatic conditions act up and cause a sudden decrease in temperature. So, it is always best to call Jackson Plumbing, Heating and AC, your plumber in Decatur, AL to fix the issue on its earliest avail.