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How to Avoid Plumbing Scams | Plumber in Decatur, AL

People oftentimes feel the need to acquire plumbing services to get their plumbing systems fixed, or replaced, as per their need. Professional plumbers can install new plumbing systems, repair existing ones and upgrade current systems to more advanced systems. Choosing a professional service for plumbing repair in Decatur is considered an easy task. However, there are some black sheep who are ever ready to make money through scamming. You can avoid losing your hard earned money to scammers by understanding how they work. Following techniques are commonly used by scammers:

Refusal to Written Agreement:

It is recommended to prepare a written agreement with all the terms you have agreed upon. Both parties should sign the contract to avoid conflicts later. However, scammers fool customers by discussing conditions verbally and avoiding preparation of any legal agreement. As a result, they are free to modify their price quote and services anytime. Customers are unable to make any claims as they do not have a written proof. Force your plumbing repair in Decatur to present a written document before they start working.

Varying Cost Estimates:

Estimates provided on phone call, without a visit, are not reliable. Ask the plumbing professional to come over to the location to discuss the problem. Some plumbers try to scam customers by presenting a low cost, but tend to increase them after beginning the work. Minor changes can occur in the initial quote, but a sudden increase in estimated costs or service time indicates that you should not trust the plumber. It may also mean that the plumber lacks skills and does not know what he is doing.

No License:

Always ask for the credentials of plumber as soon as they visit your house. A professional plumbing repair in Decatur will have a valid license. They will not hesitate in presenting their identity card to customers to prove their credibility. Aside from that, you need to ask for their insurance which covers the damages during repairs as well as the health of workers. However, escort them out of the property premises if they fail to present any valid documents for your own safety.

Low Quality Material:

Some plumbers try to fool customers by using low quality material in plumbing system while claiming that it is of high quality. They charge a much higher amount by convincing you that they are offering best services. They may also use good quality material but charge much more than the due amount. A little market research can help you stay safe from such scams. You should ask your friends and neighbors of the estimated costs if they have recently hired any service for plumbing repairs. You can also go to shops to find out the cost of materials.

Lack of Communication:

Inefficient plumbers are never ready to answer questions of customers. Either they are unaware of the techniques for resolving plumbing issues, or they are trying to scam customers. They are unavailable most of the time and do not appear for work on time. Certain plumbers also leave the work incomplete. Therefore, homeowners have to find a plumber once again to complete the remaining task. Make sure that the service for plumbing repair in Decatur has a professional behavior.

Suspicious Activity:

Sometimes, intruders try to enter a residential or commercial building by pretending to be a plumber. They claim that they are hired by local government to check plumbing systems of all buildings in the area. Do not let an unknown person enter your house without checking their valid license and identity information. Let them enter your house only if you are aware of any such scheme in your area and the person has presented valid documents to ensure safety of your family and possessions.


Many professional companies send a trainee along with a professional plumber. Check their credentials and keep an eye on their activities to stay safe. Scammers bring along an apprentice without prior notice. After finishing the work, they claim that the accompanying person must be paid separately. They also claim that they have different hourly rates and you have to comply with them. The work that one person could easily do, you may end up paying 2 to 3 persons for it. Therefore, discuss such details with the company as soon as any additional worker comes to your house.

Neighborhood Effects:

A plumber can modify their regular rates after visiting your house. If you live in a posh area or have expensive cars and items, this practice is most likely to happen. You can avoid such scams by doing a research on the average rates of plumbing system repairs in your area. You can avoid acquiring services of such scammers if you know the costs of material and plumbing services. It is also recommended to get quotes from multiple plumbers and choose the best option from them.

Camera Inspection Results:

Experienced professionals for plumbing repair in Decatur are equipped with advanced tools and equipment. They usually utilize camera inspection system to detect the root cause of problem with plumbing system. They also show you the video of its internal part and discuss the problem area. However, certain scammers show an already recorded video. This video shows that there is a major problem that needs huge costs.

Extremely Low Costs:

You cannot trust a plumbing repair service in Decatur if they offer to work at an extremely low cost. The prices of all plumbers in an area are quite similar, therefore, you should avoid acquiring a service offering too low estimates. It either means that they will increase their costs after starting the work or will provide low quality services.


Reliable plumbing repair services in Decatur ask for payments as milestones. Specific percentage of due amount is to be paid after they complete a certain amount of work. However, shady plumbers ask for huge payment even before starting the work. They may run away after taking the money. Moreover, if a professional asks for cash, it is expected that either they don’t pay their taxes or they don’t have a valid insurance.
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