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When Do You Know You Have To Call An Emergency Plumber in Huntsville AL?

Obviously, every plumbing issue isn’t an emergency, and making an emergency call when you can afford to wait can end up costing you more money. But it’s important to recognize a crisis situation when it’s happening if you want to limit potential structural damage to you house. Emergencies can arise at any time, during a working day or over a busy holiday. They’re stressful, but you should be able to get through the situation with the help of an emergency plumber in Huntsville, AL.


Small leaks are usually not an emergency problem, but if there is enough water leaking to cause damage to the floor or the ceiling or wall of the room, it’s time to call an emergency plumber in Huntsville, AL. Leaks are actually one of the more common plumbing emergencies. Repairing a leaky faucet or toilet can be postponed to the next day if there’s only a drip, but if you can’t use the valve under the sink or toilet to stop the leak and there’s enough water to prevent you from using the kitchen or bathroom, call an emergency plumber in Huntsville, AL.


Calling an emergency plumber in Huntsville, AL can depend on how long you can comfortably go without water. For example, if the crisis situation occurs early on a weekday, you may not need to use the service until you get back home. But if it happens when you’re spending time in the house, you’ll need to call a service right away. You’ll also have to call an emergency plumber in Huntsville, AL if your normal household functions are being disrupted.

Assess the Problem

Try to assess if you really need emergency plumbing right away. Shut off the power, and try to determine whether or not the damage can wait. This is something that is essential to do when the problem occurs in the middle of the night. Additionally, you should contact your water company. If this is an emergency situation, it is likely that the water company is the one at fault. Emergency plumbing services can be more expensive than regular services, and if the water company is indeed at fault, they should be responsible for the repairs. Furthermore, they are likely to have certain terms where they cover specific damages of the plumbing systems.

Burst Pipes

Even though winters are generally mild in Alabama, you do have to contend with sudden freak winter storms from time to time. At times like those, it’s possible for the cold temperatures to cause your pipes to burst. Burst pipes generally need to be dealt with right away in order to avoid damage from the water. It is therefore necessary to turn off the water and call an emergency plumber in Hunstville, AL. Do not try to find the offending pipe yourself, or you could cause a partially frozen pipe to become fully frozen or even burst.

Broken Water Heater

Going without hot water can be a difficult crisis to go through, making a broken water heater another plumbing emergency. If it’s winter, it will be especially necessary to call an emergency plumber in Huntsville, AL. It will also be necessary to use emergency services if it happens over the weekend.

Sewer Lines Breaking

If your sewer lines break, call an emergency plumber in Huntsville, AL immediately! If you wait, you’re simply letting the waste leak out and pile around. You’ll then either have to clean up the mess yourself or pay for a cleaning service, adding to your costs. The waste can even lead to health issues for you and your family, so be quick to deal with this crisis.

Clogs Building in the Drain or Toilet

If a drain is taking longer than it should to empty out, and the water remains in the sink for longer than it should and makes some noise while going down the drain, there might be a clog in the drain. If your sink is not completely clogged, it can be hard for you to determine if the clog is serious. Additionally, there might be a clog in the drain lines o your toilet if the water is swirling around the bowl but not getting sucked out. If the clog is especially serious, the water level may rise, and even overflow when you try to flush the toilet. The point here is that if you have clogging problems, it might be a good idea to call an emergency plumber in Huntsville, AL before the problem exacerbates. And don’t try to fix a major overflow problem yourself, because you could make the situation even worse by forcing the blockage further down the toilet.

Wet Yard

If there are small wet spots scattered throughout your yard, this might be an indicator of your main water supply line leaking onto your lawn. If you catch a whiff of a foul odor, this might indicate a leak in your sewer line. Your water and sewer lines may need major repairs or even full replacement, and it is best to call an emergency plumber in Huntsville, AL right away before the situation possibly becomes worse.

Check Your Water Spigots

If you see any signs of dripping even when the faucet is turned off completely, it might be an indicator of an internal leak possibly caused by exposure to freezing temperatures during winter months. The supply pipe that leads to the hose bib may have also suffered damage and it could be leaking into your wall or basement, leading to water damage, mold and other problems. Therefore you should call an emergency plumber in Huntsville, AL right away.

The Smell of Gas

Never ever ignore a gas leak if you get a whiff of it in your home when the stoves are off. First get everyone out of the house ASAP, and leave the doors and windows open to let the gas escape. Call an emergency plumber in Huntsville, AL to fix the situation.

If there are serious plumbing emergencies in your house, it is imperative to get professional help. If you are looking for expert plumbers in Huntsville, AL contact us. We have years of experience working in the field and will provide you with effective solutions to your plumbing problems.