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Everything You Need to Know about Wood Pellet Boilers | Huntsville, AL Area Local Plumber

Every homeowner in Huntsville has faced the wrath of the cold winters last year and many people found out just how effective their heating system really is. The traditional heating systems in our homes are not designed to last long and the harsh winters takes a toll on their integrity. This is exactly why homeowners are starting to considering investing in a wood pellet boiler, these boilers have become the face of the heating industry with their versatile benefits and cost effective price.

Besides this even many different industries have switched their traditional boiling systems to wood pellet boilers, this surge in demand has caused many different industries to diversify in wood pellet boilers which has helped create an competitive market. Previously pellets were in fireplaces to generate heat and as a decorative flame, but now these pellets have found their way inside boiler systems. A wood pellet boiler is basically a hydronic radiant system that uses wood pellets and a transfer coil to create and generate heat. Not only do these boiler systems provide heat but they also heat water in a cost effective and safe manner.

How do wood pellet boilers operate?

The boiler is essentially constructed using the same materials that are used in standard boilers; these components are not only heat resistant but are also extremely durable. The pellets are used to create a moderate flow of pellets that is injected through an automated auger; some boilers even use a storage bin to continually inject the boiler with pellets. This continuous process offers safe and reliable heat and a consistent flow of warm water. Most companies will readily provide you with substantial information about how wood pellet boilers operate free of cost, so do not hesitate in contacting a plumbing company in Huntsville AL to gain insight about this versatile boiler. Almost every other plumbing company in Huntsville has started installing these boilers on a very large scale, so you might be spoilt for choice when deciding which company to rely on.

What are the advantages of wood pellet boilers?

The underlining reason why wood pellet boilers are currently dominating the market is due to the array of benefits that these boilers provide. Some of the most profound features are as follows,

  • Wood pellets are much cheaper compared to other fossil fuels. According to studies, these wood pellets are actually 60% cheaper than other fossil fuels such as gas or coal.
  • These wood pellet boilers are using biomass recourses which helps create a carbon neutral fuel source that is completely sustainable and renewable
  • These wood pellets are manufactured by numerous local industries that were previously on the brink of extension, but now due to these boilers these industries have finally achieved market stability.
  • By investing in these boilers, you are helping the development of the local forest based economy, this basically means you are helping cultivate a greener society by using these boilers.
  • Pellet boilers are perfect for people who want their money to be reinvested in their local economy instead of foreign ones, especially in the case of heaters that operate on raw materials that we import.
  • Wood pellets can actually help every homeowner save more than 60% on heating costs compared to other traditional heaters.
  • Other alternative raw materials that are used in traditional heaters are slowly depleting, so a pellet boiler can actually help the whole world. Of course, this might seem quite frivolous on the context of heaters but this is fact that many people continue to ignore!
  • Pellet boilers are scientifically tested and are being used across the globe. According to studies, Europe has the largest amount of pellet boilers installed, both in domestic and commercial settings.
  • Wood pellets are much more convenient compared to other bulky recourses such as firewood and coal. Although most boilers these days operate on gas, pellets are still more convenient as they keep getting re-used.
  • Many different counties and local governing bodies have allotted grants and incentives for people who are investing in these boiler systems. Do check with your local body in Huntsville AL to find out if they are offering any kind of benefits for these systems.
  • Most plumbers in Huntsville AL can easily install these systems within a few hours and these boiler systems can easily integrate with your current plumbing membrane.
  • Since the influx of pellets is continuous the water keeps getting reheated, this means that those days are gone when you would run out of hot water while taking a shower!
  • Wood pellet boilers are offered at extremely affordable prices as their prices are not influenced by market trends, they fluctuate according to international demand for energy.
  • Finally, these wood pellet boilers do not require heavy maintenance and often have a guarantee up until 5 years, but this depends on the manufacture as well.


Disadvantages of wood pellet boilers

Like everything else in this world even wood pellet boilers do have their own sets of disadvantages that should be taken into perspective, however compared to its advantages these disadvantages are just little drawbacks. The disadvantages of wood pellet boilers are mentioned below,

  • Since these boilers are a relatively new technology many plumbers and HVAC companies do not have the required knowledge about installing these systems to perfection.
  • The wood pellets after a certain period of time will have to be replaced and that can be quite difficult.
  • Many plumbing companies still do not have these boilers available in their current inventory and might have to outsource the heater.
  • The ashbins will have to be emptied after a certain period of time.

Even though wood pellet boilers do have disadvantages their benefits easily outweigh them. Besides this, you can easily find a way to work around most of the disadvantages by choosing Jackson plumbing heating and cooling, plumbing company in Huntsville, AL, as they are the pioneers in heating and plumbing systems.