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Given our basic human nature, we have a natural inclination towards feeling accomplished. The achievement can range from something long-term like a medical degree to something minor like fixing a leaky faucet at home.

Just the feeling of being counted on by someone to help fix a problem makes one feel like a super hero, at least for that moment.

Thus people feel so powerful when carrying plumbing tools, that they feel they can fix even the most complicated plumbing issue.

In order to satisfy this need, several people opt for resolving their household plumbing issues themselves. Since, most households have some of the necessary tools to fix minor plumbing problems like clogged toilets, setting up a washing machine or replacing showerheads. However, this attempt of solving unknown plumbing issues yourself, sometimes leads to nothing but a catastrophic incident.

One wrong wrench turn or excessive push on a water pipe can cause severe flooding.

Apart from a few water plumbing issues, everything else should be avoided in terms of home-based resolution, and calling a plumber in such situation is the best option available.

The issues you might want to call a plumber in and avoid the usual self sufficient approach are mainly related to complicated water pipe fitting, water heating systems and boiler repairs etc.

The most critical issues that one should never even think about fixing themselves are anything related to gas. Whether you feel there’s a gas leakage or a shortage of gas, the only option to go for here is to call plumbers.

Listed below are 4 problems that can only be solved by professional plumbers at Jackson plumbing in Huntsville, AL.


Although a slow drain or drain clogging may seem like an easy to solve problem and many people try to be done with it.

However drainage problems are actually complicated ones that should be left to the professionals only.

Just imagine while fixing a drain you accidently burst open a pipe, this would cause flooding and cost even more in damages then what you would have paid to the plumber.

Also, sometimes the drains only need some greasing to work fine but if a homeowner tries to solve it with tools, it could result in worsening the problem.

Most homeowners believe that they can fix a clogged drain by using a chemical or snake device, however even though these techniques seem simple to use, they are intensely sensitive.

Only a professional would know what type of acid to use or how deep should the coil wire be penetrated into the drain.

If the wrong chemical is poured it might melt the pipes or react with anything that’s stuck inside. Similarly a coil pipe could damage thinner pipes and attachments.

Also, excessive dependence on drain cleaners can cause sewage pipes to corrode quicker and ultimately lead to leaks and costly repairs.

As drain pipes can be brittle and one wrong move can lead to bigger problems, it’s better to call a plumber in Huntsville, AL to your aid.

2.     Toilet Troubles

It is actually very displeasing to watch water dripping down the toilet even after the contents have been flushed down. Although being one of the annoying plumbing situations, it is actually easier to resolve.

This toilet issue arises when there’s an imbalance in the valve and the float. That can be worked out by using a modern toilet kit that installs easily with little effort.

However, since homeowners are able to resolve this simpler issue, they assume they can fix complex ones as well. However, even the slightest mistake can lead to spending hours and in serious cases, days without a toilet, putting the entire household in a very uncomfortable situation.

Even though toilet installation seems like an easy process, the pipe work is thoroughly complicated. Therefore all the replacements and fixes should be made by plumbers.

Even if it just about fixing a toilet seal, it’s recommended to ask for a plumbing service to take care of it.

3.     Water Heater Issue

Huntsville, AL is known for its moderately cold winter mornings and no one would like being forced to take cold water showers during these mornings either.

Therefore, if someone has a dysfunctional water heating system and they need to get ready, they try to plumb their way out themselves.

Commonly water heating systems are either gas or electric, but regardless of the power source they both can lead to equally terrible outcomes.

Hence, this is one of the most precautious plumbing operations and one wrong step can even lead to an explosion.

Since most plumbers in each community block of Huntsville, AL are aware of the gas pipeline arrangements, they can easily work their way through them but a common homeowner obviously won’t know where one pipe connects to an entire areas gas supply.

The smallest mistake in this setup could leave the house without water supply for days. Also, any mishandling may also cause a larger damage risking not only the structure but also the lives of the occupants

4.     Sewage System

Lastly, homeowners should stay away from the temptation of tinkering with the sewage system. Sewage problems aren’t always seen on the surface but have to be determined by the plumber using different tools.

Any sewage breakdown could not only leave the house without water but also all the filth that’s supposed to be drained out being stuck in the water pipes.

The unprocessed refuse could find its way into the house through open drains and also spread a pungent and displeasing smell through the house.

All homeowners must know that when taking plumbing jobs in their own hands, they need to be 100% sure that they are proficient enough to complete what they started. As any little mix-up can lead to a bigger risk and cause more damage.

Therefore it’s always better to dish out those extra dollars and call the nearest plumber in your area to help with all plumbing malfunctions.