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Are You Consuming Rusty Water in Huntsville, AL?

Sparkling, refreshing, clean, and clear water is a desired commodity by all of us. Clean water is vital for human health. That makes purified or filtered water a basic need today, especially with the current water concerns regarding pollution and contamination.

One of these water concerns is rusty water. According to local plumbers in Huntsville, AL, this rust mixes with water when it gets exposed to rusted iron pipes. Since iron has the tendency to develop rust with the passage of time, when these rusted pipes are used as water lines, they make the water stained, unattractive, and in fact, harmful for consumption.

We count on the water coming in our taps to be clear and clean. So how does it feel to consume the water with a little off taste and color? Well, you wouldn’t prefer consuming this water as it is harmful from the health perspective – both for the skin as well as for your body.

Definitely, the culprit behind this contamination is the rusted pipelines. The expert of plumbing service in Huntsville, AL states that the rusty water coming from your taps could be because of two factors:

  1. The age of the pipelines of the main public water system
  2. The water heater in your house

Although rusty water is a giveaway of rusted pipes, sometimes, the cause lingers right in your house – your water heater!

In simple words, there are equal chances that the rusted water may stem from the main water supply, particularly when you live in an old city that has not maintained its water system for many years. But, before you make the right decision of calling the plumbing service in Huntsville, AL, you must collect a few hints/clues, which may point to the real cause of the problem.

Is the water actually contaminated with rust?

You don’t need to perform a laboratory test to know if the water sample is actually rusty. One way to determine the rusty water is that it has a distinctive metallic odor and it appears reddish brown. One way to confirm it is to take the assistance of a local plumber in Huntsville, AL.

Another indication of rusty water is the stains. Since rust particles are oxidized iron, so they easily leave (sometimes-unsightly) stains on your white linens and porcelain sinks. Although they don’t really pose a severe health hazard, they still need to be fixed. You can get them fixed by calling the experts of plumbing service in Huntsville, AL.

This is particularly true for people who are suffering from a rare disorder known as hemochromatosis. The intake of rusty water may enable their bodies to accumulate unnecessary iron level.

What is the source of this rusty water?

This is, in fact, the major question that you must ask yourself before you make a move to fix it. But not every time you may make a right conjecture about the major cause of rusty water. The foremost thing to determine is to know if the rusty water is stemming from your house’s plumbing system or from the main public water supply.

To figure this out, simply go to the fixture where you first observed the rusty water and fill a glass of water – only with cold water. Now check this sample if it has any coloring or rust odor. Let the cold water flowing for a while and now take another sample. Next is to run the hot water for a while and sample that.

If you find that the rusty water goes away after a few seconds of running water or if the rusty water is only in the hot water supply both of these are strong indications. This indicates that the main source of rust is located in your own house and you immediately need the assistance of a plumbing service in Huntsville, AL.

On the other hand, if you find that the rusty water continues to come from both taps, it’s time to report the issue to the local water authority without further delays. This is not something that you can fix by calling a local plumber in Huntsville, AL.

The test, which you performed earlier, must help you in figuring out or narrowing down the main source of the problem. As you find the main cause located in your house, you need to take the right measures to fix it. For instance, if you observed rusty water coming from the tap of cold water, the experts of plumbing service in Huntsville, AL, suggest that this is due to corroding pipe or maybe the pipes of your house’s plumbing system.

However, if you find the rusty water coming from the tap of hot water, this indicates the malfunctioning or rusting of your water heater.

What do you need to do to fix it?

Regardless what is causing the problem, the solution comes down to a single word: replacement. Call the experts of a plumbing service in Huntsville, AL and replace the fixtures, if the problem is located in your water heater pipes. But, if it is due to main public water system issue, it’s the responsibility of the public authority to resolve the issue.

Don’t forget to hire only the qualified and experienced plumbers to perform the job. This will ensure thorough investigation and identification of rusted pipes and get a permanent solution.

Once corrosion starts in any of your house’s fixture, it usually progresses. Hence, your best bet is to go with the complete replacement, once and for all, and by hiring the local plumber in Huntsville, AL. This is important to save your water heater from breaking down. Also, make sure to replace the anode rod in a couple of years.

This metal rod extends into the tank of your water heater. It attracts the corrosive particles and prevents damage to the water heater. However, when the rod itself is whittled down to its core, you cannot stop the corrosive particles from attacking the water heater.

So get more information by contacting the Jackson Plumbing Service in Huntsville, AL. You may also call their emergency helpline number to access their well-qualified experts – 24/7!