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Decatur or Hartselle, AL Plumbing: Two Other Water-Saving Products

In a previous post we looked at FLUID, a new learning water meter for your home. In this post we examine two other products — one still on the drawing board and that’s available now — to help homeowners track their water usage.

Driblet is a smart water meter that intends to track water-related variables to empower and encourage people, businesses, organizations, and governments to save money and water. It has been in development since 2013.

Waterpebble (images) is an eco friendly water-activated shower timer that simply helps people stop wasting water.

About Driblet

  • It is self-powered by the water running through it, so homeowners and business owners do not need to worry about changing or replacing a battery. FLUID, on the other hand, is electricity powered.
  • Driblet tracks and stores the water consumption date of each pipe where it is installed. That’s a big difference between it and FLUID, which is attached to a water main pipe and can monitor faucets, fixtures, and devices throughout the home.
  • As Driblet is still in production, it is supposed to be easy to install and set up so homeowners or businesses will not need a Decatur or Hartselle, AL plumber for installation.
  • However, as the product is still unavailable, that installation claim is, for now, just a claim and has not been tested or even used by any Decatur or Hartselle, AL plumbers. Chances are a Decatur or Hartselle, AL plumber or plumbing professional will need to strategically install units on high-use pipes.
  • Each Driblet is expected to transmit data to the cloud via onboard WiFi and authorized users — homeowners, landlords, business owners — can view data in real time.
  • Homeowners or business owners can configure customized visual and audio alarms according to Driblet’s suggestions and your needs.
  • Driblet’s data is available via a Web interface or mobile app.
  • In this age of share everything via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, homeowners can share savings and achievements with friends, neighbors, and others, presumably in a game-like manner to encourage each other to save more water and money.

Who Benefits?

  • Residential homeowners and tenants of properties on Decatur or Hartselle, AL with Diblets installed are expected to see their water usage in real time, getting immediate feedback about how changes in their water habits save water and money. With a single line feeding a multi-unit, building managers and landlords, who were forced to divide the monthly water bill equally among tenants, are expected to now bill according to actual usage.
  • With Driblet, businesses are expected to save money by tracking and analyzing the water consumption of their operations.
  • With access to Driblet data that is uploaded automatically from sites around their districts, urban planners and government agencies can skip the costly process of data collection and analysis. Organizations are expected to be able to monitor water usage from a distance.

Of course Driblet is not yet available and may never be, depending on funding, but it — like FLUID — is an example of early products that hope to help people and businesses conserve and save water.

About Waterpebble

The Waterpebble is at the opposite extreme of FLUID or Driblet. It’s one of those “simply genius” products.

Waterpebble is a palm-sized device, or pebble, that takes the guesswork out of water conservation by tracking how much water you use in the shower.

As you’d expect, there is absolutely no need for a Decatur or Hartselle, AL plumber to help with installation. There is no installation other than placing it in the shower.

Inspired by a hotel sign prompting guests to “please use water sparingly,” inventor Paul Priestman developed a useful way to put the plea into action.

  • It actually uses a chip from Texas Instruments to detect water usage.
  • It utilizes software designed by the Cambridge Design Group.
  • It will save upwards of 36,000 gallons of water using one 3-volt lithium ion battery or an estimated 90,000 gallons lifetime.
  • It uses a familiar traffic light pattern of red, yellow, green to inform homeowners of water usage. Red = end of shower; yellow = you’re halfway through the shower; green = indicates start showering.
  • It senses water flow, so there is no need to remember to turn it on.
  • The real genius of the Waterpebble is that it incrementally shortens its suggested stop time, training you over weeks to use water more wisely.

Waterpebble is available for about $10 at a variety of Internet sites and retail stores like Bed Bath & Beyond.