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Plumber in Athens, GA: Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up for an Annual Maintenance

Chances are that you schedule regular checkup of your car and your heating and cooling system, but not your plumbing. If this is the case, then it is highly recommended that you reconsider your decision. The fact is that a regular checkup of your home’s plumbing by a professional plumber in Athens, GA will provide various benefits.

A regular plumbing maintenance is not just an inspection of the pipes. It involves a full checkup of your entire plumbing system to ensure that everything is in perfect order. Following are the items that a professional plumber will check during an annual maintenance inspection.

  • Bathroom Fixtures – A great deal of water is wasted due to leaks in the toilet plumbing.  An experienced plumber in Athens, GA will check for drainage problems, leaks, corrosion, cracks, and mineral buildup. The plumber will also check tubs, sinks, and showers for leakage and other plumbing issues.
  • Water Heater – A professional plumber in Athens, GA will also inspect water heater for plumbing issues. The plumber will look for a build-up of sediment deposits, and other functional problems with the water heater. A thorough inspection of the water heater will ensure that problems are detected early on and before they do serious damage to the water heater.
  • Inspection of Main Sewer and Water Lines – The third important component of an annual plumbing checkup is the inspection of sewer and water lines. Your plumbing will have major problems if there are any problems with these two main lines. A licensed plumber in Athens, GA will check the lines to look for such problems as excess sludge, tree root infiltration, and corrosion and clogging.

Now that you know what is involved in an annual plumbing maintenance, you might be wondering how you can benefit from all this.

The main reason for an annual maintenance is that you can avoid costly plumbing repairs that happen when small problems are left unchecked. Other benefits of signing up for an annual plumbing maintenance with a professional plumber in Athens, GA include the following.

Ensure that the Plumbing Remains Functional All Year Long

The plumbing system in a home, just like any other thing, suffers from constant wear and tear. While the drains and pipes of a plumbing system are designed to last for long, they still require regular care. A licensed and experienced plumber in Athens, GA can perform routine maintenance to ensure that the plumbing system always remains in good working order. This will provide a peace of mind and convenience in enjoying the facility of running water all year round.

Prevent a Plumbing Crisis

Without a regular inspection of the house plumbing system, you won’t know whether a plumbing disaster is around the corner. Regular plumbing inspection will ensure early detection of the problem before it turns into a crisis.

Avoid Wastage of Water 

Even a small leakage can lead to wastage of a lot of water every year. It would lead to higher water bill as well that could burn a hole in your pockets. By having the plumbing checked regularly by a professional plumber in Athens, GA, you can save water and avoid the prospect of paying higher water bills.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Regular maintenance will ensure that you don’t have to pay a ton of money to fix plumbing problems. A professional plumber will inspect and diagnose problems before they do serious damage. Spending a little sum on regular maintenance will allow you to save money in the long run. Instead of waiting for a problem to occur, it’s best that you schedule a regular check-up of the plumbing in your home.

Protection of Property Value

Water damage due to faulty plumbing can greatly reduce the value of your property. Issues such as mold infestation occur due to a leak in the plumbing. Moreover, leakage inside the walls can greatly damage the property that could cost a fortune to repair. A plumber can look for signs of water damage during a routine inspection and take instant action. This will help in preserving the value of your property.

Avoid the Emergency Fee

The plumbing companies charge a little extra for emergency repairs. The fees that you have to pay for emergency repairs can end up doing serious damage to your wallet. You can avoid having to pay this cost if you have the plumbing inspected regularly.  A plumber can catch small plumbing problems early on so that you won’t have to pay for costly repairs.

Regular Maintenance Ensures Long Life of Appliances

By performing regular maintenance, the plumber in Athens, GA will detect problems easily and take immediate actions. This will protect the life of appliances such as water heater and ensure that they last longer without requiring a replacement. In this way, you will be able to save money as you won’t have to pay a lot for repairs and replacement of the home appliances.

Final Remarks about Annual Plumbing Maintenance 

Not scheduling an annual maintenance can really end up costing you more in the end. It’s advisable that you not take chances and hire the services of a professional plumber in Athens, GA to carry on annual inspections. Getting the plumbing checked regularly will avert plumbing problems, save money, and allow you to breathe easier because you will have a functional plumbing all year round.

The annual plumbing maintenance should be performed by experienced and licensed plumbers. They can perform the job reliably, quickly, and most importantly, in a cost effective manner. The benefits of signing up for the regular maintenance plan will be more than the costs paid for the plumbing services of a professional plumber in Athens, GA.