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Water Filtration Specialist

Water Filtration Specialist | Water Filtration System Huntsville, AL

With the variety and number of water filtration systems available, selecting one for the home may seem overwhelming. The following provides a brief overview of the most popular types. This information will assist you in narrowing the possibilities, enabling the selection of a water filtration system in Huntsville, AL to be a manageable task. You can also contact a Jackson Plumbing’s water filtration specialist. Our certified, experienced and licensed plumbers are each thoroughly trained in water filtration types, installation and repair.
Contaminant ReductionThe selection of a water filtration system in Huntsville, AL begins with a water analysis reportfor your home’s water. Testing will reveal any contaminants present in water, and will automatically reduce your options to a manageable number.

Not all products are effective for the same group of contaminants. With a water analysis report in hand, you will be able to identify the proper selection for the removal of the contaminants specific to your home’s water. If you have already identified one or more specific contaminants of concern, the NSF’s contaminant selection guide is a valuable resource that will help you identify the type of  water filtration system in Huntsville, AL that will provide your home with clean, clear, odor free and safe water for your household needs.

Visit: http://www.nsf.org/consumer-resources/what-is-nsf-certification/water-filters-treatment-certification/contaminant-reduction-claims-guide/

Water Filtration Systems Types
There two basic types of water filtration system in Huntsville, AL, whole-house filtration and point-of-use systems. Whole-house systems are typically installed on the home’s water main providing treatment of all the water that is entering the home.

Point-of-use (POU) systems – These systems are common in homes and typically located under or on the kitchen sink, refrigerator or even the shower head. Some of these systems may be plumbed in, while others will dispense filtered water from a faucet. The following types of POU filters are available:

Personal Water Bottles – consist of a bottle that has its own built-in filter. This bottle may have a push/pull cap or a straw and is designed for individual usage.

Straw Filters – These straws serve as individual filter for use in the field, and are popular with campers, hikers and hunters.

Pitcher Filters – These utilize gravity to move water through its filter. Most products of this type are pitcher styled and typically will have a lower capacity than other types of water filtration systems.

Counter Top Filters – These water filtration systems sit on the countertop next to the kitchen sink and are connected from a small hose to the end of an existing kitchen sink faucet. The filtered water will be dispensed through a spout.

Plumbed-In Systems – These filters are installed by connecting to a water line and will filter all water that passes through the pipes. This type of inline system is intended to be installed only on cold water pipes.

Plumbed – in to Separate Faucet Systems – These are installed similarly to plumbed-in systems. However, the water that is filtered is dispensed through a built-in faucet, rather than the main kitchen faucet.

Refrigerator Filters – Refrigerator filters treat water and ice that are dispensed through your refrigerator. These are typically built-in to the existing refrigerator from the factory. However, aftermarket models are also available.

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane, to filters impurities. The system is an extremely effective water filtration system in Huntsville, AL for removing contaminates. However, the membrane won’t remove dissolved solids, such as those in hard water. A water softener will be required to extract dissolved minerals.

Water Softener
Hard water is a common problem in U.S. water, affecting 85% of the nation’s water supply. Hard water contains minerals, typically calcium and magnesium. As water drains through the soil and into the earth minerals are leached from the stone it passes through and enter the water before settling into underground reservoirs or the water table. The passage through and around the stone, and typically the underground reservoir itself is the source of hard water. Neither carbon filtration nor reverse osmosis can remove dissolved minerals. Only a water softening system can remove them from the water.

Hard water reduces the life of plumbing fixtures and appliances by as much as 50%. A water softener provides the solution for the clogging, damaging effects of hard water on the plumbing system and appliances. When a water filtration system in Huntsville, AL is combined with a water softening system, it’s called a water conditioning system.

For the installation or repair of water filters, reverse osmosis systems, whole house systems, and more, contact a Jackson Plumbing water filtration specialist in Huntsville, AL. Contact us for additional information regarding the installation or repair of a water filtration system in Huntsville, AL. We serve Huntsville and the surrounding areas with quality plumbing services, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Our services are always backed by the Jackson Plumbing 100% satisfaction guarantee.