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Do You Inspect Your Water Heater System in Decatur, AL?

Unless you like to take cold showers, it is crucial to periodically inspect and maintain your water heater system. When you perform a thorough inspection of your water heater, every six months, and by hiring the professionals of water heater repair in Decatur, AL, it reduces the chances of its breakdown. Needless to say, when a water heater suddenly breaks down, it can be very frustrating. All you are left with is just cold water and heavy repair and replacement cost.

The need for thorough inspection of your water heater, by hiring the professionals of water heater repair in Decatur, AL, is even more important for tankless water heaters, solar units, and heat pumps. This is because tinkering with highly efficient equipment is not a DIY project. Regardless what type of water heater you have installed in your house, there are always some basic and important maintenance steps that you must perform regularly.

For your assistance, here is the list of steps that are recommended by the experts of water heater repair in Decatur, AL to maintain the efficiency of your water heater at all times.

Look Around

Some areas of a water heater indicate warning signs. It is important to check these areas before touching the water heater or to consider its replacement by hiring a water heater repair in Decatur, AL. These areas indicate if the problem is imminent.

The first thing that you must check is the faucets and showers. Has hot water grown hotter or colder lately? If yes, this indicates the problem with your thermostat or heating element as the professionals of water heater repair in Decatur, AL suggest.

As you inspect your water heater, do look around for drips, puddles or any other leakage signs. With that, the experts of water heater repair in Decatur, AL state that you must also search for rust or cracks on the tank’s outside wall. If you find any such issue, it is imperative to hire a professional of water heater repair in Decatur, AL to assess the issue. Taking the assistance of a professional will help you in knowing if your water heater needs a repair or complete replacement.

Similarly, if you have installed a gas water heater, you must inspect the burner flame. The well-functioning water heater gives out the blue flame. However, if you find it either orange or yellow, this means that the water heater is working inefficiently and needs to be replaced or adjusted. To fix this issue you would need to call the assistance of a water heater repair in Decatur, AL.

Flush, Replace, Check

Another step that you must take to ensure the regular inspection of your water heater system is mentioned below:

Inspect the pressure relief valve

This valve is the component of your water heater system, which is responsible to take off the tank pressure. In the absence of this valve, or if the valve stops working, the pressure may get too much that it would lead to the point where the tank might explode. To find this valve, you can look for its label as it always comes with an attached label. However, in the case of no label, you may refer to the manual of the water heater or consult the professional of a water heater repair in Decatur, AL.

To check the water heater valve, manually open it to make sure it opens and closes smoothly. However, before this, ensure that the drain outlet is empty/clear. If the valve is working  fine, hot water must spray out. 

Flush the water heater tank

You can start this inspection by flipping the main circuit breaker and by shutting off the inlet valve of cold water. Now connect a hose to your drain outlet. Run the drain outlet outside or down the floor drain, away from your house. Empty the tank by opening the pressure relief valve and by draining it quickly. This step will help you in removing the sediment. This build up sediment may not only harm your water heater tank, down the line, but it may also require you to incur heavy replacement cost by hiring the water heater repair in Decatur, AL.

When the tank is drained completely, shut off the pressure relief and drain the valve. Now turn on every hot water fixture and faucet in the house. All of these must be empty. Now open the water inlet (cold) and fill the tank. As the water starts running, turn off every fixture. Flip the circuit breaker switch, and allow the water heater to start heating the sediment-free and clean tank.

Inspect the anode rod

An anode rod is a long metal rod that extends up to the water heater tank. The rod helps in attracting the corrosive element. This prevents the tank from rusting or giving away rusty water. However, this causes the anode rod to rust. By the time the rod is fully consumed, this exposes your water heater tank to the peril of rusting. Your water heater tank may start taking up the rust damage. Therefore, it is crucial that you inspect the anode rod periodically. Moreover, make sure to replace it, whenever needed, in order to increase the longevity of your water heater system.

In the bottom line

The breaking down of a water heater system is a critical issue. It is better to keep an eye on the tell-tale signs of an inefficient water heater system rather than incurring the heavy replacement and repair cost.

So, if you don’t inspect your water heater periodically, or fail to maintain it, now is a great time to get started. However, if the damage has already been done, and it’s too late, leave the task to professionals. Call only the experienced and well-reputed water heater repair service in Decatur, AL such as Jackson Plumbing Heating and Cooling Service.

Their team of experts is well-versed in handling the most complex water heater issues. With that, you may also contact them anytime by calling their helpline number 256-353-0051.