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“Is My Water Heater In Trouble?”— Common Problems You’ll Face Decatur AL

While summer hangovers are on its way out, it’s time to embrace the winters coming in with full swing. That means goodbye shorts and ice cream, and hello sweatshirts and coffee! But while you’re waiting around for winters to take over the last of the remaining summer bliss, it’s time to make the necessary preparations to avoid any discomfort in the future. Let’s face it, winters in Decatur, AL aren’t all too extreme, however, that doesn’t mean you don’t take the necessary winter precautions.

When it comes to the winters, there are a lot of things you need to take care of; your Heating systems, the fireplace but most importantly, your water heater. After all, it’s not all that great when you have to shower in cold water during the winters!

Common Water Heater Troubles

Experts dealing with water heater repair in Decatur, AL often face their troubles during the winter season. This is usually emergent cases and happens because the heater breaks downs during it’s time of need. If you’re someone who’s prone to facing a similar problem on a yearly basis then it’s time to take the hint and get a plumber for your water heater repair in Decatur, AL. But how do you know you heater is in trouble? Well, here are some problems you’ll be coming across:  

Problem #1: “Where did all the hot water go?”

If you find yourself asking that question quite often then you’ll have a classic case of ‘busted water heater’. Yes, everyone saw that coming! However, did you know why that happens? Well, it depends on how long you’ve had the heater and how long you’ve had the problem. Usually when you get little to no hot water then it’s either your thermostat that needs to be fixed or the burner. Either way, it’s quite dangerous to address the problem yourself, which means you should probably call an expert and get a proper water heater repair in Decatur, AL instead of risking a burn.  

Problem #2: “Why does my water smell?”

Seems like everyone tends to complain of smelly water supply at some point but it’s not something you should take lightly. This can be the cause of some serious problem and lead to health concerns; if not, you’ll still not feel satisfied after taking a shower from water that stinks! If you’ve been facing this problem then it usually means that the water is infected by bacteria and this is usually identified by a rotting egg smell, much like the one you smell during a gas leak. You can try to flush out the tank and clean it up but that usually doesn’t help much. In times like this, it’s best to contact a professional water heater repair in Decatur, AL to handle the problem. It’s best to leave something like this to the professional because your tank is often filled with gas which can prove to be hazardous to you if you attempt to file it out.

Problem #3: “What with all the noise?”

The noise emanating from your water heater isn’t the sound of demons but rather a cry for help. Most people tend to misinterpret the noise and opt for a water heater replacement instead, however, that could prove to be a major loss. While the noise from the heater could be because of a variety of different reasons, it’s best to contact a professional water heater repair in Decatur, AL to understand the severity of the situation. Usually, this happens when the sediments at the bottom of the tank starts to literally burn because of the heating element. The solution is fairly easy, mainly because it only involves you draining the tank but often the problem lies within the burner itself. Having a professional water heater repair in Decatur, AL will help you prevent money loss for a minor and long lasting fix.  

Problem #4: “Why is my tank leaking?”

Tank leaks are also quit common problems that services excelling in water heater repair in Decatur, AL often face. The best advice in times like this is to contact professionals and find out exactly what the problem is. It’s important to pay attention to leaks because it not only a task to clean up every now and then, it’s a complete waste of water. You know what that means? You’re going to be facing high utility bills as well! It’s best to contact professional water heater repair in Decatur, AL before the situation gets out of hand. Remember, it can be quite difficult to fix during the later stages so the sooner you address it, the less money you’ll be losing.

Problem #5: “Why won’t my heater keep on working?”

If you’re having troubles with a gas burner that keeps turning off every now and then, it’s time to contact someone for your water heater repair in Decatur, AL. This can turn into a major problem which usually includes a bad gas valve. You would need immediate attention for this because if your burner isn’t being supplied sufficient gas then it’s usually a sign of a clog or a leak, both of which could potentially harm your health. This is mainly why a DIY is not recommended and immediate attention is emphasized on. In case of a gas leak, you would definitely smell the stench of rotten eggs; however, you should opt for professional help regardless.

Most people have trouble finding the right service to handle their needs which is why they opt for doing the fixes themselves. However, you should know that this could be harmful and will also end up in causing more damage than you started off with. If you’re something that has trouble finding a good water heater repair in Decatur, AL then you should contact Jackson Plumbing and trust them to handle all your plumbing needs. Their expert service will allow you to live in comfort for a long time without the hassle of high expenses and recurring problems.